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Command & Conquer Mashup - Upcoming version (3.1) tech buildings.

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  • Tech Oil Derrick
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $20 per cycle (6 ingame seconds).
  • Tech Tiberium Processor
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $10 per cycle (10 ingame seconds).
    All income sources from Tiberium Refineries increases by 30%.
  • Tech Power Plant
    It produces +400 additional power for the owner's base.
    Cannot be sabotaged by a Spy or drained by a Floating Disc.
  • Tech Battle Lab
    It's a replacement building of the owner's Battle Lab.
    It guarantees the same techs and special weapons like Battle Lab.
    Cannot be infiltrated by a Spy and it doesn't need any power source.
  • Tech Spy Satellite Uplink
    It reveals the entire battlefield permanently.
    However, if the structure is destroyed or captured, the radar view will be covered in shroud completely.
  • Tech Airport
    It's a helipad with 2 spaces which can reload aircraft units.
    Additional special weapons: Paradrop (Cost: $0) & Tech Spy Plane (Cost: $500)
    Paradrop SW
    USA: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Navy Seal
    EU: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Chrono Legionnaire
    Asian Alliance: 3 G.I.s, 3 Rocket G.I.s, 3 Rocketeers
    Russia: 6 Conscripts, 5 Tesla Troopers
    African Empire: 7 Conscripts, 2 Desolaters
    Latin Confederation: 6 Conscripts, 6 Flak Troopers
    Psychic Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Brutes, 2 Yuri Clones
    Chaos Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Gattling Troopers, 2 Virus
    GDI: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Disc Throwers
    NOD: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Rocket Infantries
  • Tech Hospital
    It heals automatically the owner's all infantry units.
  • Tech Machine Shop
    It repairs automatically the owner's all ground, naval and air units.
  • Tech Repair Facility
    Automatically repairs the nearby vehicles. For removing terror drones use the repair pad.
    Additional special weapons: Emergency Repair (Cost: $500)
  • Tech Armory
    After capturing all infantry units trained or cloned afterward as a veteran.
    Bonus: infantry training cost -10%
  • Tech Academy
    After capturing all vehicle units produced afterward as a veteran.
  • Tech War Factory
    When a vehicle unit was built at the War Factory, another free one copied from the Tech War Factory.

The mod works with 'ARES' - YR Expansion DLL
C&C Mashup on PPM
GDI/Nod asset from C&C Rewire mod.

WNxHeadShot - - 663 comments

I feel like the tech Battle Lab is a bit overkill. You can simply rush for it and then build the more powerful tier 3 units while the other poor fellow has to stick with the normal stuff.

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RedeemerEngaged - - 676 comments

Nice idea, I think it will be fun. I agree the battle lab is probably a bit strong and possibly the veteran one too (I forgot how much effect veterancy has in red alert 2 / tiberian sun).

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Shaer_Alvy - - 59 comments

Eagelry waiting for the update

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