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Command & Conquer Mashup. Modification for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.

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Upcoming version (3.1) super weapons.

Super Weapons list:

  1. Chronoshift
    Info: Allied Nations, Prerequisite: Chrono Sphere, Recharge Time: 6:00
  2. Ion Storm
    Info: Allied Nations, Prerequisite: Weather Control Device, Recharge Time: 10:00
  3. Invulnerable
    Info: Soviet Union, Prerequisite: Iron Curtain Device, Recharge Time: 5:00
  4. Nuclear Missile
    Info: Soviet Union, Prerequisite: Nuclear Missile Silo, Recharge Time: 10:00
  5. Tiberium Mutation
    Info: Armies of Yuri / Psychic Corps country only, Prerequisite: Mutator Device, Recharge Time: 5:30
  6. Chaos Lightning
    Info: Armies of Yuri / Chaos Corps country only, Prerequisite: Chaos Device, Recharge Time: 6:00
  7. Psychic Dominator
    Info: Armies of Yuri, Prerequisite: Psychic Dominator, Recharge Time: 10:00
  8. Hunter Seeker
    Info: GDI/Nod, Prerequisite: GDI Seeker Control building upgrade or Temple of Nod,
    Recharge Time: 5:00 (Hunter Seeker doesn't attack MCVs, ConYards or Heroes)
  9. Ion Cannon
    Info: Global Defense Initiative, Prerequisite: GDI Satellite Uplink building upgrade,
    Recharge Time: 9:00
  10. Multi-Missile
    Info: Brotherhood of Nod, Prerequisite: Nod Missile Silo, Recharge Time: 9:00

The mod works with 'ARES' - YR Expansion DLL
GDI/Nod asset from C&C Rewire mod.


TS SW are underpowered TBH, but it's good to see this mod is alive again.

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Can i have the link?

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