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Changes and features for the upcoming 1.0 version

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Hello everyone,

In this article I just want to inform you about the changes I made for the upcoming version. Progress has been achieved extremly fast the last few weeks. I'm already working on the scripts for the last land and I think I will upload it in june if tests go well.

So what's new in version 1.0?


  • Added 3 Aztec lands: land8, land9 and land10
  • [EXE] Holding shift while drawing streets or walls enters a special draw mode that makes it easier to draw certain shapes
    - pressing 4 will switch between the following modes: straight line, V shape, U shape, half circle
    - pressing 2 and 3 will move the tip of the V or U shape up and down
    - pressing 1 will flip the shape or mirror it
  • AI epics now fire as player epics do
  • Added a new music system to land 7

AI Changes

  • It is more likely now that AI platoons attack player platoons first before capturing the town
  • The enemy creature will now more actively attack the player if the town is under takeover
  • Changed how siege weapons search for gate-houses to attack, they now pick a random one instead of the nearest
  • Land7: The AI will give the player a bit more time before the first attack
  • Disabled AI responding to nearby platoon attacks, it sometimes makes the AI pulling all platoons on the map to attack


  • Walls now reduce happiness
  • Villagers can carry more food and wood now
  • Changed house-capacities of norse/japanese/aztec buildings to the same as greek houses
  • Old villagers now die a bit earlier
  • Adjusted some values for sacrifices (The older the less mana you gain)
  • Land7: Increased impressiveness needed for the second and third town by 2000
  • Platoons initial level now rises depending on the amount of armories the player has (Maximum level 5)
  • Reduced wood needed for an armory or workshop
  • Increased altar mana production slightly
  • Set starting villagers for most lands to 70
  • The pour-out duration of fire wonders has been heavily increased
  • The pour-out duration of storm wonders has been heavily decreased
  • The recharge rates of epic wonders have been changed; each takes 25 minutes to charge with 100 people without bonuses
  • Increased meteor wonder cost to 10.500
  • Increased aoe of meteor wonder by 100%
  • Decreased buildings impressiveness slightly due to other changes
  • Trees now give more impressiveness
  • Decreased the influence extension of epics
  • Connecting streets will now give more impressiveness bonus
  • Impressiveness will now change a bit more based on security
  • Town population gives now more impressiveness
  • Doubled negative impressiveness from homelessness
  • Increased influence given by granaries
  • All wonders, especially meteor wonder, have been reduced in tribute cost
  • Decreased radius for happiness modifier for abodes
  • [EXE] Population impressiveness is now based on adult population instead of town capacity
  • [EXE] Town happiness now acts as a bonus or malus to the town population impressiveness
  • Adjusted how long the player hurricane is active


  • Fixed player hurricane
  • In land 7 the AI won't instantly build the hurricane wonder now if your alignment is around +100%
  • Fixed a bug where AI platoons were stopping actions every few seconds if a hometown was under attack
  • Fixed a bug where AI platoons would stop doing anything if the target town is taken
  • If a town migrates or gets captured once, it doesn't migrate any longer except the enemy capital town is taken
  • Improved scripts for better performance
  • Reduced villagers in many AI towns for improved performance
  • Fixed departure portal showing up too late in land 8
  • [EXE] Fixed a bug where impressiveness decay actually started with the third building of a type, even though other parts of the game displayed it starting at the second


  • Land4: Changed some texture colors
  • Land4: Added another mountain to the landscape


  • Changed some values for minor objectives
  • The Advisors remind you much less of your ressources
  • When building a granary/lumbermill it now shows the fertility map

For a full overview about ALL changes simply click here

Many thanks here go to Dunstklinge who shared his work in progress mod in order to help the remaining BW2 modders.

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