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The first news post on this release was partially an April Fools joke. Here is more information on the actual release date, and the upcoming release!

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Hello Fans and Followers!

I will admit, the approximation was an April fool's joke...
Now before you all get upset, we are working on getting an actual release out there!
This release will be on the 24th of April!
This is 3 weeks from now. Now let me explain a bit what happened, and why this took so long to happen.
We had to recode the entire mod due to an unknown crash that occurs in the Alpha 2.0 version.
Then our original plan was to actually release the mod around the 1st of April, but due to some annoying bug (which thankfully I have managed to fix), we were not able to make that personal deadline.
If everything continues as planned, we will have a release on the 24th. The things we have left to do are fairly trivial, so should not cause any delays...

Now obviously I'm not just going to post this without something nice to show to you loyal fans!

So enjoy this nice trailer we made, just for you guys!

So much has changed and happened in the 4 years, I can't thank you all enough for hanging around and showing support for the mod. Thanks to all of you, we are still working on this project, no matter how long it sometimes takes!

To round off this nice little update, I hope we have not upset anyone extremely with the April Fools' joke last Wednesday, and if we have, I'm sorry for that. But look at the bright side, there IS a release coming REALLY soon! I can bet that for whoever might have been upset that they did not see this coming!

The countdown until the release date has begun!
Which is the 24th of April, if you have somehow missed that...

-The Ridder Clan Mod Team

MorguLord - - 1,945 comments

you devils, you.... :D

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LordDainOfIronHills - - 1,855 comments

I really enjoyed the trailer I want to try all those epic Elven Warriors!! You have made a really astonishing work with this that ishould worhted the time spent in waiting and 3 more weeks are nothing!! Also I have a birthday on 19 so it's kind like a present!! ;-)But really wanted to swe something about the Dwarves!! :-(

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SauronLordofTheEarth - - 881 comments

I knew it was april fools silly me! but i cant wait!!!! This mod is awesome! Rivendell is awesome! if i see a new rivendell map i will faint. my grandfather knew J.R.R Tolkien himself and this mod with the rivendell lore masters its just like the paintings done by J.R.R Tolkien that my grandpa still haves!!

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MattTheLegoman - - 1,258 comments

Thanks, I am the map creator. The map will still be in progress on the release date of the mod. I'm sorry about that. I have yet to sculpt and texture the large lower valley, inspired by the famous Lauterbrunnen. =D

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SauronLordofTheEarth - - 881 comments


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ApornasPlanet - - 4,123 comments

Fantastic news you guys!

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