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Current status of mod progression, future plans to be implemented with the next release.

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I've got exciting news to share for those who enjoy the mod. The next version will be massive compared to previous releases and I believe greatly enhance the experience.

Thus, the old releases will be renamed Beta versions, and the next version will be the official full release of Gen+. Much is at work, stay tuned.

What's coming in 1.0:

- Skirmish AI. I am halfway done working on the Skirmish AI script, so that the AI will make use of units and features introduced in this mod.

- Nuke General revamp. Nuke General is receiving a sizeable thematic revamp that will make him much more radiation and nuke focused, while not violating the original ZH vibe. Stay tuned.

- Further Laser General improvements. New unit: Beam Tank. Adding Laser Defender, Laser Humvee, Laser Sentry Drone, and Laser Battle Drone (alongside Laser Ranger, Comanche (will be reworked) and Medic introduced with V3.0).

- Superweapon General revamp. Adding Tomahawk Storm (cut-content from ZH), new vehicle, new infantry, among other changes.

- Stealth General revamp. 2 new vehicles, among other changes.

- Tweaks to remaining generals, with most receiving at least 1 new unit.

- New China infantry unit.

- Adjustments and fixes to existing mod features and vanilla issues.

That's all and thanks for playing Gen+ folks.


Primaltreeman & Kieroff

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