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The much-mentioned extended construction system will be available soon! See a small preview of what can be done with it!

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Hey folks!

Today we want to give you a small preview of the next update, which will be available shortly and introduces the extended construction system, which has been much mentioned in the past. It will greatly improve your possibilities to build, since you'll be able to place single construction elements - like wooden planks and beams - without any restriction. This also involves rotation around all axes.

Technically, all materials that can be used for blocks are also available to the new construction system, in other words, nearly 200 different materials. However, they'll be restricted to the type of the construction element, for example a wooden plank can't have a metal texture, only a wood texture. But apart from wooden planks and beams, there will be more different construction elements in the future, like stoneplates, metalplates etc.

Of course the "old" block construction system will still be available. That system is easier to use and provides faster results, while the upcoming construction system is a little bit more complicated and it takes a longer time to build, but gives you a lot more possibilities and allows you to build with a high level of detail.
For example, it's recommended to build a big house with blocks (i.e. the "old" construction system), and use the extended construction system to give your house more detail (e.g. for decoration, room partitioning etc.). But when you want to build a shed or a small shelter, the extended construction system is superior.

Below you find some examples of the new construction system. The first three images show a small wooden shed made out of single planks (and you see that it looks much better than if it would have been made out of blocks). The fourth screenshot shows a improvised footbridge in a cave, and the last screenshot just another example of a small bridge.

Stay tuned!

By the way: When this update is finished, we will start working on animals and monsters! :)


wooooow!! this is so brilliant!!

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this looks freaking awesome! O.O can't wait to try it myself

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How do does the GUI look like for this construction system? Can I only create planks of a certain size?

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JIW-Games Author

There is no specific GUI, you simply place the elements in the world. Perhaps we add some information labels like current rotation etc ;)
You're able to change the size while placing, but every element has a min and a max size.

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