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This is just a list of some of the changes in the works for patch 3.2. Everything here has either already been completed or is planned to be very shortly. There is more than just this in the works, though, and any ideas or suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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-Removed Corruption particles from GC

-Increased the amount of escorts for the Death Star to the size of an Imperial Assault Fleet (6 ISD, 2 VSD, 12 Carrack)

-Darth Vader has been removed from GC, to be replaced by Death Squadron, under the command of Vader in the Executor. It is a fleet of considerable size and power, consisting of the actual ships of Death Squadron: Accuser, Adjudicator, Avenger, Conquest, Devastator, Stalker, Tyrant, Vengence II, and Firewind, in addition to a number of support ships.

-Added Imperial Superiority Fleets, Rebel Lines Of Battle, and ZC Assault Fleets to production in GC.

-Re-scaled the Juggernaut, it was twice as big as it should have been.

-Re-sized fighter and bomber squadrons. There are now more per squadron for most fighters and bombers.

-Regular infantry squads have been broken down into smaller groups, so infantry combat doesn't look like a Civil War re-enactment. The only groups which remain in large groups are the survivors of buildings and indigenous groups, since in real combat those types of combatents would be more likely to stick together in combat.

-The Death Star, Death Squadron, and Executor Class Star Destroyers can now only be built at The Maw.

-After much trial and error, I finally semi-understand how to use the particle editor. Therefore some slight changes have been made to the scaling various particles in the game. This means that lasers will no longer be, as someone put, "frigate-sized", and engine glows will no longer be abnormally large on certain ships. The lasers for fighters also look much better.

-The Y-Wing has been worked-over so that it is no longer simply a dedicated bomber, but a multirole workhorse capable of both shooting down TIEs and destroying larger vessels.

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-Known Bugs So Far: All Fleet Units (Death Squadron, Superiority Fleets, Lines of Battle, Assault Fleets) only spawn the unit Flagship when called in as reinforcements. They should be used as the initial wave, and not held back as reinforcements, or else you will be stuck with a 12,000 or 15,000 Credit Cap-Ship that takes up 14 or 15 population points.

Again any questions, comments, and suggestions are encouraged. Hope you all enjoy your break.


Oden1234 - - 556 comments

Sounds good except that the Executor was produced at Fondor...

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Loganw1 - - 406 comments

15 pop points sounds damn small.
Such small arbitrary headcount limits just screw things up too much IMO.

I think a good idea would be to make a large fleet eat up exponentially more credits as a "logistics and maintenance" cost (logistics rise exponentially with large forces, but maintenance directly varies except with the logistics of maintenance scheduling.) Combined with a large headcount based on bases that can deal with logistics and maintenance (like starbases now, but higher pop points given), this might make for less "whoever has more ships wins" scenarios (and more actual strategy.)

As for individual battles, would be nice to have some kind of control limit based on presence of command units like Vader and Palpatine, but higher headcount limits than now.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do such radical changes in EaW/FoC, So for now I just recommend something higher than 15, and maybe long build times if you don't have them already (so that it takes a while to get above the headcount limit.)

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p*a*t*t*o*n Author
p*a*t*t*o*n - - 690 comments

build times for the death star, ececutor, fleets, etc are all already in excess of 2 minutes. the population was kind of an arbitrary thing, and is definitely not set in stone
thanks for the input.
that will be fixed, thanks

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gen4321 - - 1,034 comments

I know this is a retarded question but wich universe is better, star wars or halo? (SW FTW!!!!!!!)

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