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Hi, we are Howly Games and we would like to introduce you our first game, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora, now on Kickstarter.

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It is told, among the Viking tribes, that the brave warriors who died on the battlefield earn a place in Valhalla, next to Odin, the father of all things. But what happens to the others ?

Nora, a young girl whose agility is matched only by her cowardice, is going to discover it the hard way. Embarked in spite of herself in a raid that goes wrong, she will have to prove her valor to the Lord of the Ase by going through the nine Realms of the World Tree and by « defeating » the dreadful Guardians. Equipped with Gungnir, the magic spear, she finds herself catapulted into an epic and funny journey.

first landing unspoken chronicle

The game offers four different gameplay styles :

  • dynamic platforms where you can combine Nora’s athletic skills and acrobatics with the help of Gungnir’s powers to perform fluid and elegant moves,
  • infiltration, because, even if she owns a powerful spear, Nora is totally unable to fight,
  • reflection to get out of the terrible traps scattered among the nine Realms,
  • confrontation against colossal bosses, the Guardians.

gif plateforme sgif infiltration sgif teleportation s

falling tree unspoken chronicles

We truly hope that you find an interest in our game. You can now download the playable demo on our website or on our Kickstarter page: !

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