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Dear captains, please gether around for again a new update on the halo based mod Evolutions for Command and conquer Tiberium wars.

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In today's update, we'd like to show you the new versions of the texture's for the UNSC faction, nothing much new to show to you expect the Mantis that we recently uploaded a render and animation of it, on a different note we are giving away 3 Beta code's for Bungie's and Activison's game Destiney so keep reading or scroll down on how to get access to one of the 3 beta code's.

Re Texture Scorpion Tank

The Scorpion may not be the most powerful or the fastest of the UNSC's fleet of main battle tanks, but for the most part, it represents the best possible balance between mobility and firepower.Indeed the vehicle's prominence among the UNSC armed forces is due to its low production cost, transportability, and overall firepower. Ceramic-Titanium armoring makes it almost invulnerable to small-arms fire and easily shrugs off normal ballistic and plasma weapons, while anti-mine software and electronics provide additional protection. The Scorpion has a range of 750 kilometers and utilizes a four-track design, each mounted on an independent, computer-controlled suspension system, which allow for deft maneuvering around large debris and other battlefield obstacles. While important material and VIPs can be crammed into the main cabin, up to four soldiers can safely be transported on the tread pods.

Re texture UNSC Warthog

The M12 FAV Warthog is the UNSC's primary ground vehicle, used for its scouting and reconnaissance capacity, or as an integral part of a mechanized infantry unit; the M12 has been a part of the UNSC's armored vehicle fleet for fifty years, and is the most recognizable vehicle in their arsenal. It is a highly mobile, all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering, ICE-powered (Internal combustion engine) vehicle equipped with a contuously-variable transmission.

UNSC Mantis

The Mantis is a powered exoskeleton armor defense system similar to the Cyclops. However, where as the Cyclops was designed only for labor and modified to function in combat, the Mantis was created specifically for combat purposes as an evolution of an earlier model. To that end it is equipped with several weapon and defense systems: including armor plating, energy shielding, and two weapon pods on either side of the cockpit, along with a stomp ability.The weapon pods contain a machine gun on the right pod and a five-shot rocket launcher on the left pod although these can be replaced with other weapons. The Mantis is also equipped with energy shielding similar to the Sabre and the Mjolnir Armor. The Mantis is also powerful enough to withstand a single Spartan Laser shot with full shields. If enemies get too close to the vehicle for its weapon to target them effectively.

UNSC Wolverine

As the name suggests, the M9 Main Anti-Aircraft Tank is designed for anti-air combat. In its arsenal consists of a M260 Multiple Launch Rocket System which fire Argent V Missiles specialized to target and deliver their warhead to an aircraft with great speed and maneuverability. The missile pods are quite large and can be reloaded via a mechanical system in the Wolverine, which stores a small supply of missiles on board. The laser tracking targeting systems and anti-air capabilities of the Wolverine are second to none, but it can also angle its missile pods to launch missiles at ground targets, preferably stationary targets or structures. Although air vehicles generally know to steer clear, the Wolverine is quite vulnerable to anti-armor attacks both from vehicles or heavily armed infantry, possessing only light armor. However, it is a versatile unit for rough terrain operations.

UNSC Cougar

The Cougar is a lightweight, fast and highly versatile AFV constructed by the UNSC. It was designed for, but ultimately cut from Halo Wars. Although heavy anti-armor fire would blow the Cougar away quite easily, this vehicle was highly effective in holding off enemy armored vehicles until slower armored units could arrive at the battlefield. The Cougar had gained infamy in several urban tactical situations prior to the deployments in the war against the Covenant.

So finally the part about Destiny, Destiny is the name of an upcoming video game being developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Destiny is confirmed for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. The game is expected to launch sometime in 2014, as you now already know we are going to give away 3 Beta code's but what do you have to do to get a change's to get one of the Beta keys ? Well it's really simple, we have some options to get a hold on one of the three.

1. Help with the mod
- We can copy everything from the halo game's like buildings for the covenant from Halo Wars, but we want to have unique content. So what you can do is give a detailed description or a drawing on how for example a covenant Airfield should look like, or powerplant it's up tp you. Mail it to us at and your name will be in the final credits.

2. Like us on Facebook and comment why you should get one of the code's
- Simple as that right ? Like and comment why.

3. Join the development
- New team member's and old team member's will get change on a beta code, if you apply to join this project, and mail us to for what you would like to join, we are searching for people that have knowledge about the sage engine, 3d moddeling, texturing, coding.
Do you have one of those skills and do you think you are a good addition to the team then dont hesitated and apply.

4. Mail us why
- Easy just mail us why you should get the code and why other's not, you can send your reason to

Remember to include your moddb name if you contact us trough e-mail or if you post on our facebook page and for which of the for console's you prefer to have the beta.

On the first of Januari 2014 we'll contact the three person's that won there Beta code trough e-mail and moddb. So dont forget to include your moddb name, and for which console you would like to get the beta.


So I am to assume developers of other Halo mods are not qualified? :P

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MrTimm Author

Lol no everyone is qualified :p.

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