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We have finished working with the Universal Constructor. Three new screenshots included!

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Hello people, Trasher here. First of all sorry for the lack of news on my part. This year's been a really busy time for me. Military duty, work and other things have kept me away from this mod quite a bit. Well, that's in the past now and that means there will be a significant increase in terms of progress.

Today I'm here to share great news with you. Work in Universal Constructor has finally ended and the level is finished. With this level, I wanted to make something little different. As you may have noticed from the previous screenshots, the level design has some familiar elements borrowed from another classic game called System Shock 2. Now if you're thinking 'are you going to change Ocean Lab to a space ship?' Nope, I am not turning the Ocean Lab into a giant space ship if that's what you're wondering now. Deus Ex and System Shock 2 had a lot in common except for the levels and story of course and with this level, I am combining both. Having that awesome atmosphere and lighting scheme from System Shock 2 combined with Deus Ex's world. I had my doubts with this when I started working on it but it did end up pretty good after all.

How did all this turn out? See the screenshots yourself and let me hear your opinion. :-)

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more updates!


Suck_on_my_Bullets - - 29 comments

very good I like it

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jamman88 - - 226 comments

wow, I mean like, beautiful, maybe i will finally rember what hallways i have already been down with this level of detail.

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FastGamerr - - 578 comments


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Luke.Filewalker - - 68 comments

looks tasty

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Dejected-Angel - - 1,366 comments

I love the amount of details you put into the screens.

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JCDenton2000 - - 267 comments

It looks AWESOME. I agree with Noob, the amouunt of detail is superb. It's a vast improvement.
(Sorry, I meant to issue positive karma but I accidently clicked the minus ;_;)

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