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Unity 5 allows to use RenderTextures and ImageEffects, this means a lot of new features for us!

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Let's not waste time chattering, just look how the shadows looks now: (right = after)

NOTE: I suggest you to do right click - open in a new tab, too see the images with full resolution. Also if they are missing, please let me know someway!

Way better, right? And now, something I always wanted to see on this game, Ambient Occlusion:

Someone may not easily see the difference, but it's HUGE, trust me. (I plan to switch to SonicEther's version as soon as it comes out)

Anyay, the old Motion Blur is back, with an enhanced and optimized version:

We have not finished yet, just look at these explosions, Smooth Particles are awesome!

And, last but not least, God Rays, they are in every game and... they look very good on Ternion! (Yeah, I had to tweak the script a bit to make it look like this)

Of course all these features will be disabled on lower graphics settings. We want to make our game very scalable in performance, to let people with low-end computers play the game with a reasonable framerate.

That's all! We will update you as soon as we'll have something more to show you. We hope to finish the game as soon as possible, because we want to hear the opinion of someone actually playing it!


With the new standard shader are you going to upgrade to it? Also nice improvements.

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DreamSoft Author

We will in some cases, but it's GPU intensive and still have some problems, so I prefer to use old ones for now. ;)

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