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Units have been updated for both factions. Moreover, Doctrine Abilities habe been found and serious work will begin soon. Art (pictures, icons and portraits) is progressing as well.

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Units have been updated for both factions. Moreover, Doctrine Abilities have been found and serious work will begin soon. Art (pictures, icons and portraits) is progressing as well.

We now have full lists of what the factions will look like and especially the Commander Trees. So gameplay is taking form with more concrete bases, giving us a direction for data editing. But keep in mind that everything is subject to change so feel free to comment and share your ideas !

And remember that we still accept every help for this mod, especially mapping and modelling !

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Empire :

Division Trees :

501st Legion :

Left side - Infantry :

Vader's Fist (2 CPs): Grants the ability to call-in 501st legionnaries onto the battlefield as off-map reinforcement. The Legionnaries are a 5 troopers squad much more accurate, powerful and stronger than normal Stormtroopers. They come with DC-15A blaster rifles and phase 2 clone-looking armors with blue marks. They have concussion/flash/smoke grenades and the ability "Precise Shooting" : for a short time the squad fires really slowly but from much further away and every shot is deadly accurate.

501st Veteran Infantry Tactics (2 CPs): Grants the ability to all Stormtroopers, Shocktroopers and Legionnaries squads to build their own defensive structures. Plus, they all gain the "Battlecry" ability : for a short time, the squad members are immune to suppression and deal much more damages.

Large-scale Special Operation (3 CPs): Grants the ability to begin Special Operations : for a short time, all troopers squads are trained much faster and the Legionnaries call-in ability has no reload time, allowing you to make a large infantry assault in no time. Plus all units move faster during this period.

Right side - Artillery support :

Smoke Cover (1 CP); Grants the ability to cover your troops' advance with a cheap and quick smoke barrage.

Cluster Mortar Barrage (2 CPs): Grants the ability to call a off-map mortar support firing cluster bombs, really useful against enemy infantry.

Orbital Strike (4 CPs): Allows us to strike the surface with the fleet above the planet. Slow to reload and very expensive but incredibly powerful. Fires a few shells that will destroy everything (enemies and allies, infantry as well as buildings and vehicles) in a wide area. Cannot target enemy base.

Blizzard Force :

Left Side - Vehicles :

HAVw-A5 Juggernaut (2 CPs): Comming as off-map reinforcement, this ten-wheeled tank combines speed, good armor and many counter-infantry blaster guns. It can carry a squad to the battlefield and acts as a mobile reinforcement point for nearby allies. Weak against enemy armor.

Blizzard Veteran Armor Tactics (2 CPs): All crew members are specialy trained to apply the specific armored warfare tactics of the Blizzard Force. All vehicles are more accurate, shoot faster and have slightly better armor. They also gain the ability "Blizzard Warfare" : for a short time, the vehicle moves faster so it's harder to hit, and inspire terror so enemy nearby infantry get suppressed. Plus, AT-ST can now capture point completely.

Steel Beasts (3 CPs): Allows us to call-in an AT-AT to crush the rebel slugs.

Right side - Global support :

Blizzard Squads (2 CPs): Stormtroopers and Shocktroopers squads become Snowtroopers squad, which are trained to fight in the most extreme combat conditions. They get a lot more armor and are more resistant to suppression. Plus they get advanced survival kits (slow heal) and can slowly repair friendly vehicles. Engineers also become Snowtroopers so they are better in combat and are now very effective at repairing things.

Headquarter Armored Initiative (2 CPs): HQ fully supports your next armored assault and grants you the possibilty to quickly convert ammunitions into fuel.

Beam Gun (3 CPs) : Allows your engineers to build a powerful static artillery. Very effective at taking down any sort of units (ground or aerial) from a long range, its particle beam is however onmy capable of direct-hit (so it can't fire through building i.e)

Imperial Navy (maybe Death Squadron (Vador's personnal fleet)) :

Left side - Paradrops :

Supply Drop (2 CPs): Grants the ability to call-in a drop pod with a little ammo crate inside. When landing, the pod also provides instant reinforcement for all nearby units.

Imperial Marines Corps (2 CPs): Stormtroopers squads become Imperial Marines squads with specialized upgrades. Imperial Marines Squad can also be called from space.

TIE Mauler Quick-Landing (3 CPs): Grants the ability to call-in a TIE Mauler, a lighter version of the Century Tank. The Mauler is dropped from low alttitude and touches the ground at full speed, crushing everything on its way before it can be controlled. (see british sailplane landing you'll see what i mean ;p)

Right side - Air support :

Recon Unit (1 CP): A spy probe is dropped on the area to reveal the map around it and detect hidden units. The probe is camouflaged but can be detected and destroyed.

TIE Squadron Close Air Support (3 CPs): A squadron of 3 TIE fighters fly over the designated area, engaging any enemy units in range and dealing lots of damages. Still, they can be easily destroyed.

TIE Bombing (3 CPs): A TIE bomber flies at full speed (making it hard to hit) towards the designated area and drops a heavy depth-charge that deals extremely high damage on a precise spot.

Factions points :

- can quickly levy large armies of stormtroopers

- very conventional and discipline-based abilities

- strong firepower but lack of armor for all units in general

- very powerful but expensive end-game tanks (AT-AT) and special units (Dark/Nova-troopers)

- lots of passive/active buff given by officiers (which are very important)

- poor non-conventional tactics capabilities (prefer mass attacks with a lot of units, unless there is a special command tree for non-conventional stuff)

- static base

Units :

Infantry :

- Dark Trooper : off-map reinforcement. Single-unit squad. Can be upgraded from phase 1 to phase 3 which will improve its armaments. Phase 1 : very fast-moving close combat unit, weak armor. Phase 2 : Better armor, jet pack to improve speed for a short time, powerful assault cannon firing both plasma and missiles, electricity AoE at close range. Phase 3 : Very expensive, very strong armor and good mobility (jetpack), powerful assault gun that can easily take down tanks.

- Imperial Engineers : 4 troopers squad. Can build and repair imperial structures and defenses. Can be upgraded to be very good at destroying static enemy position with powerful remote explosives and thermal detonator against tanks. Weak in combat due to poor weaponry (blaster pistols)

- Imperial Army Squad : 9 troopers squad. Weak armor but good power due to their number. Cheap, basic and mobile infantry made for ground control. Very weak against suppressive fire. Armed with blaster rifles and grenades.

- Imperial Marine Squad : Replacement of the Stormtroopers squad for the Imperial Navy Doctrine (they are slightly more powerful but especially differ in their upgrades possibilities). 8 trooper squad. Can be upgraded in two ways : “breacher squad” which gives them a minimag PTL rocket launcher and thermal detonators; and “suppressor squad” which gives them flash grenades and smoke grenades to cover allies and quickly neutralize infantry.

- Imperial Scout Trooper : 2 troopers squad, a spotter and a sharpshooter. Very weak armor. Can camouflage. Spotter can use rangefinder to spot the enemy from further away, even when camouflaged. Sharpshooter has a sniper rifle. Can be upgraded with speeder bikes for better scouting but then loose the camouflage ability. Can move and capture quickly.

- Imperial Shock Trooper : 4 troopers squad. Elite stormtroopers. They use DC15-A long blaster rifles which are more powerful and accurate but make them moving slower. Can throw frag grenades. Can be upgraded in 3 different ways : “Anti-tank squad” replaces the blaster rifles with the standard ones but gives 2 soldiers a minimag PTL rocket launcher , thermal detonators and land mines; “Support squad” gives the squad a heavy machine gun that can provide suppressive fire but has a limited FOV and must be deployed before firing as well as smoke grenades to cover the position; “Jumptroopers squad” gives all the troopers a jetpack so they can move quickly as well as flash grenades, also gives 2 troopers DC-17 hand blaster pistols instead of their original rifles, which fire really quickly but in close range only (dual pistols would be very cool but I don't know if it can be animated in CoH).

- Imperial Stormtrooper : 8 troopers squad. Your main forces after the Imperial Army soldiers. Moderate armor but good fire power due to their number and to the E-11 rifle rapid fire. Can throw frag grenades. Can concentrate a lot of firepower in a short time, loosing accuracy but spreading lots of rapid-fired lasers that will suppress enemy infantry.

- Imperial Major : single-unit squad. Can buff other nearby troopers making them more resistant against suppression effects and stronger. Can be followed (upgrade) by an Imperial medic who can heal nearby allies and a Radio officer who can call-in off-map support such as artillery, drop-pods reinforcements or vehicle landing.

- Imperial Commandos : 4 troopers squad. Descendants of the Republic Commandos. Wear the best weaponry available. Can be upgraded in various ways, such as support machine gunner for suppression; anti-tank; sharpshooter team with sniper rifles and camouflage ability and more. Can use pretty everything other Imperial units can use : frag/smoke/flash grenades, thermal detonators, remote explosives and mines.

Vehicles :

- All Terrain Scout Transporter (AT-ST) : scouting walker. Cheap and very weak armor but good mobility and firepower with the main double blaster cannon and the sided blaster minigun and grenades launcher. Can uncapture strategic points.

- All Terrain Armored Transporter (AT-AT) : Off-map reinforcement for the Blizzard Force Doctrine. The Imperial steel fist. This four-legged walker can crush everything on its passage while being extremely powerful and resistant. It can carry 2 squads of troopers and (maybe ?) reinforce them. Still, this tank is very expensive, very slow, and vulnerable to enemy aircraft and attacks from behind as all its weapons are on the front.

- Century Tank : Very fast tank (90km/h) and very good firepower (double medium blaster cannon as mounted on the TIE fighters and a light turbolaser to take down enemy tanks) but light armor. Really good at raiding enemy positions or to support infantry but can not really handle a sustained fire.

- Tie-Mauler : Off-map reinforcement for the Imperial Navy Doctrine. Even lighter version of the Century Tank.

- Imperial Assault Tank : Hovering medium tank. Strong armor and good firepower (top-mounted laser cannon and side laser minigun and rockets to fight against enemy tank), but slow. Can carry up to 6 troopers (1 Shocktroopers squad and 1 Scout Troopers squad)


Sounds awesome! Glad you have both Army Troopers and Stormtroopers, you know your lore. Cant wait to crush the Alliance! best of luck !

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I think the ATST should be not too cheap and not as weak as the century tank or tie mauler. ATST is a infintary support, just because it has ""scout"" in it doesnt mean it will be weak.

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Or atleast stronger than german half tracks and more powerful, but still can be destroyed by small arms fire....after a long time...maybe

With the smoke barrage and morter barrage i think that still seems like ww2 coh. Is there some thing else youd consider putting there like an turbo laser emplacement or a hero. Shadow troopers seem more empire like than commandos (basically the same thing but hey) maybe i dunno. Just a suggestion

Looks good though.

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The shocktroopers need T-21 Heavy Blasters or DLT-19 blasters.

The rest seems great.

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How about giving Jump Troopers DC-15s blaster carbines instead of pistols? Instead of having hard-to-animate double blaster pistols or standard rifles, they would look well-equipped while maintaining the stats of a blaster pistol or a vanilla paratrooper carbine.

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