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What? Another unit spotlight this week? impossibru! This time, we present you an incredibly useful support unit from the Red Alliance, the Chimera!

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The Heavy Air Support Unit of the Red Alliance

Chimera voxel

Is it a bird... Is it a plane... It’s a flying tank!

Faction: Red Alliance

Unit type: Tier 2 Air Support Unit

Good versus: Light and Heavy Vehicles

Bad versus: Aircraft

The Chimera is basically what you get when a tank and a chopper meet and have a child.

The “finest” gunship of the Red Alliance, the Chimera is a flying mastodon that is armed with a dual high-caliber revolver cannon and can completely annihilate enemy armored columns in mere seconds.

Heavily armored, it can take a lot of punishment and must absolutely not be underestimated. Loved and revered by Red Alliance forces for its reliance and resilience, it has earned the nickname “Flying Fortress” amongst the Alliance’s pilots.

Gameplay-wise, this aircraft has about the same firepower and resilience as an average tank. It also has quite a good moving speed making it the ideal quick response support unit. While it can be considered as the perfect counter against vehicles, it fares quite poorly against structures and infantry (especially en masse).

Chimera in action

Not enough anti-air units? How unfortunate~

Written by Antoku and MartinMb.

Voxel model by Antoku.

MartinMb - - 42 comments

Basically a flying tank. Very convenient and fun to use! This unit saved me quite a lot of time and the game isn't even out yet.

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