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This is the new and reworked Unit and Divison trees for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Don't Forget it's all WiP.

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Rebell Infantry:

  • Rebel Smugglers (consists of 4 Soldiers, Engineers)
  • Rebel Militia ( 5-6 Soldiers, High Moral, can’t be supressed, Starts with normal Blasters, later with Rifles)
  • Rebel Gunner Squad ( 4 Soldiers, can be equiped with MG’s or Rocket Launchers)
  • Rebel Fireteam (starts with 2 Soldiers, with upgrades later 3-5 Soldiers, equiped with Snipers)
  • Rebell Assault Squad (6-8 Soldiers, advanced attack Infantry, strong enough to fight against Stormtroopers)
  • Rebel Specforce Squad ( 3 Soldiers, equiped with advanced Rifles, strong enough to blow an entire Imperial Base up, Very expensive)

Rebell Vehicles

  • AAC-1 Speeder Tank (with grids)
  • Rebell Armored Freerunner
  • T2-B repulsor Tankl
  • T4-B Heavy Tank
  • TX-130 Saber- class fighter tank
  • Blaster Cannon
  • AT-RT

Commando Trees

1. Alliance Elite Guards

  • Light Assault Vehicles
  • Air Support
  • Stronger Infanty, Abilitys to make stronger Infantry(Rebell Guards)

2. Strike Force Altagak

  • Drop Pods
  • Light Walkers
  • Fast Unit Deployment

3. To be Decided

murauder - - 3,669 comments

Why not make number 3. a guerrilla tree? More emphasis of flanking the enemy, sabotage, spies, booby traps and so on.

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nilpit Author
nilpit - - 34 comments

Well that's an good Idea. It's still WiP so this is an option for the 3rd tree

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SirErwinRommel - - 366 comments

Very nice, looks very promising

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Blackfalcon501 - - 244 comments

Number three could possibly be Rouge Squadron focusing on Air to ground attacks with support drops for infantry?

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ebonhawk31 - - 110 comments

we were planning about that lately but its still TBD..

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danielmdc94 - - 3 comments

May I ask something? Have guys thought about using energy shields? Maybe engineers could build some shield generator or only with an especific commando tree. Maybe some special infantry specialized against vehicles could deploy a little shield only for their squad. Or it could be researched on the building for that unit. It would be great to have particle and ray shields :)

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