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Due to unforeseen consequences, the demo WILL NOT be released this year.

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Bloodbath Software is sorry to announce that Overturn will again not make a release this year. We are sorry if we disappointed anyone who was expecting a demo this year, but we are still active.

What happened this year:
-Early this year, IngSoc went through a data crash which most of the mod's progress was lost and/or scattered around. This set back Overturn in terms of development but also made us redesign our mod and improve what we had originally.

-May to June really was a great time for Overturn. We really organized Overturn and development really blossomed. We got another member, TheCoolGman, and we have been working on the project. Though we were caught up in another project (and still are), a new logo was made for Overturn along with a more finished WON menu.

-In the last month, school has been hitting everyone hard with exams, causing less time to work on Overturn and unfortunately, not much progress has been made .

Here's some of the media since the last post incase you've missed it:

We also have a snazzy new Bloodbath Logo made by IngSoc himself.

Again, everyone at Bloodbath apologizes for this delay. We can promise you though that we are still alive and during the next few weeks progress will be made. We will definitely release a demo of Episode 1 in the first quarter of next year, and this Christmas we do have a present for you all.

Also be sure to check out the jobs tab if you haven't! Overturn needs your help and you might just land a spot on the development team if you fit the requirements! Check it out!

GlitchKing - - 48 comments

Good god, I saw Unfortunately, due to certain problems..., and I freaked the **** out, thinking the mod was lost by a computer error lol. Good luck with the rest of the mod, and try to get the demo out asap!

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Mr.Nuke - - 996 comments

**** you gave me a heart attack dun do that

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Bl@cK - - 189 comments

nevermind, just finish it

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23-down - - 3,568 comments

Sad but understandable... :) You people let yourself as much time as you need. ;) I will still win the "no release in 5 years" price.. :D So you have nothing to worry about.

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