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After a long time, I still decided to post a post. Earlier, I said that the main game The Last Bullet with the title Update, which means rebut-will not be released soon. Nothing has changed in this regard. I also said that soon, or almost soon, or "As soon as So Immediately" an Addon will be released, about another hero. In this regard, too, everything is the same.
The addon will be released in the Summer of 2022, which already inspires confidence and the fact that someone will be waiting for this masterpiece. However, I am again temporarily leaving the news front and actually postponing development until the summer.
If earlier I was lazy and I left for the world of Elden Ring, now there is a more weighty reason. Her name is DIPLOMA!

And while I'm dealing with all my own, enjoy the new screenshots.

And so, I finally fixed the sight, although there was nothing to fix. In general, the screenshots refer only to chapter 2, that is, the German laboratory. I rewired it and it immediately acquired a more adequate look. Yes, the textures are from RTCW, but the geometry is different.

20220409210620 1

20220409210629 1

20220409210637 1

20220409210651 1

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Will you ever add allied weapons such as the colt 1911 and the Thompson smg?

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