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Underhell will be coming out Early Next Year, but the team is getting bigger and bigger !

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The last Christmas push...It's always a pain in the...rear part of the human body...
Trying to put everything in just in time for a Christmas release...

But 2 things can happen, either we release it as it is and it's not as polished as it could be, or we hold on a little longer to make sure that it's done right...

The fact that it's an SMOD mod doesn't really help either, SMOD is pretty known to crash for no reason sometimes, so it's hard to identify either the mod crashed because of a level design error, or because SMOD just wanted to.

But that's not the bad news, the bad news is that I will not be able to work on the mod until January 19th, for some personal reasons...
The good news of that bad news, is that the rest of the team (Yay we have a team now ! ) will be able to make progress, especially in the Music's department.

And while I am gone, the beta testers can thoroughly test it and make sure they detect every possible problem.

In other news I have opened a twitter account, it's personal but I talk mostly about Underhell so you might want to check it out : Follow Mxthe on Twitter

So thank you very much for your support and your patience, and I will see you after January the 19th (if everything goes as planned)


I really wanna play this mod ^-^

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Send a beta public and have write a report thing they can send to an email, thereby getting countless suggestions and errors to either **** or take into consideration.

Live betas are allways good.

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Beta tests based around surveys are grossly ineffective. The chances are people will mistake it for an actual release.

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