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Some news on the upcoming Halloween Gamenight and a test of an idea

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So with Halloween close we've released the spooky map pack. 26 maps that are Halloween themed and it's shaping up nicely. I have no real news concerning it so onto the next things

2.9.2 is close to releasing and has a fix for the spray issue with 2.9.1 and hope we can consolidate all of the player base on it as we work on what we can. In other news I'm committing a grievous sin and setting up a discord server so players outside the site Vintage is developed on can contact each other if they want to try and get others to play. The link is here

Please remember that the discord is for getting people to play Vintage.

Update: 10/22/2017

After a few weeks the current server anon has pulled the plug, his reasons were rather valid and we bear him no ill will. However this leaves vintage with no dedicated servers once again and is up to you to host.

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