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there is an updated test patch uploaded and available for testing. WW2 mode heavily modified. many bugs and glitches have been fixed.

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incomplete test patch. playable nations include Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Nationalist China, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Yugoslavia.

heavily modified WW2 mode includes 16 factions instead of 5. there are fifteen national factions:
Great Britain
Soviet Union
United States

also included is one generic nation featuring six different types of defensive armies: (Greece, Philippines, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Yugoslavia). many glitches and bugs have been fixed since the previous test patch.

work is still in progress. MG infantry units can now engage aircraft and ground targets all mortars and artillery units revised. artillery range is the historical max range divided by 100. the attack value is determined by the shell weight. historical rates of fire used whenever known revised tank stats. bayonets are only used against infantry 100+ Special Ops many other changes


Whats should the file path be to play this?

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Gizmotron Author

if you downloaded and installed the old Gizmotron Mod or the previous Uncommon Valor test patch you should be able to drop this into the same spot and over-write all of the older files. you're old maps might not be playable without some serious re-edits, though.

I'm still playing the game on XP... so I extracted it the Program Files\Atari\Axis & Allies folder and that should be enough to get it running.

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My game continually crashes, I have a log file to send in, but do not know where to go yet. Is there another patch? My system is windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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It should be placed in (If you kept the defaults):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Axis & Allies

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Gizmotron Author

the WW2 mode is not ready. all things considered, I don't expect WW2 to be playable for several more months at the earliest. I have done no trouble-shooting or bug-testing for it at this time. I advise against playing WW2 games for the time being.

game crashes also appear to be common with newer versions of Windows. not sure if there's really a fix for it-- since the game is now over 10 years old.

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