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Unbound Universe will now have Pre-Alpha Demos frequently. Here is some news on the current workable features, and what else you can expect from the demos.

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Demos are coming! I wanted to figure out a way to get people more involved, as there is nothing more motivating than actually gaining 1 to 1 feedback with potential fans of the game. Not just that, but I believe it will impact it's development in a lot of ways. Keep in mind though, this is still only Pre-Alpha release 0.2.0. Therefore, you won't see too many crazy mechanics right away.


Not all control inputs have been tested, but it is setup so you can use an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, or Keyboard/Mouse combo (I've only tested Xbox360 and Keyboard/Mouse). There is no binding, but that will be in a future release. Any control scheme can be switched between at any time, and you will see in the menu's that the button guide will fade directly into the currently pressed controller input. No need to go into a menu and switch anything to use a different device.


There will be a release for PC, MAC, and Linux every time. I do not own a machine that has Linux on it, so I am expecting the community to give me a hand on this one, until I can afford to buy a PC to use with Linux.

Gameplay (Where it's at now)

Right now I have the menu working, with the ability to create a new ship for story mode. This ship eventually would be useable in all other modes, using all save data, including abilities and upgrades. When you create a new character, or load one you already made, you will be taken directly to the gameplay mode. Normally there would be some sort of intro story animations, and a map, but I'm not there yet! I'm focusing on the gameplay itself first and foremost.

***WARNING*** Any of your games save data may be deleted at any time upon updating to the newest versions. Code changes are necessary in the early phase, and some things would be missing from the old files. Right now there would be zero impact, as you can't actually unlock anything yet, or upgrade your ship.

Expect a first release, no later than Friday, September 4th.

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