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Scoreboard Tweak, Item-Tripping Removed, New Alien Mobility, Shoulder Cannon Auto and Free Aim, Predator Pistol Rebalance, Bug Fix.

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Version 0.8.1 Download:


Auto-Updater: This feature will set the uMod to automatically update when there's a new release.

Scoreboard Tweak: This alters the games scoreboard slightly by adding a UMod scection just before the Score (and after player kills). A green Y or red N will indicate the person is using UMod or not. In order to find this out, once you join a game, you will send a message requesting UMod users to ping you. This will add you to their Y list immediately and send a ping to you, adding them to your list. Then you can view who is using UMod by holding tab key down and seeing the score. Simple. When you join a server, non-uMod users will see the typical announcement message ("Hello there everybody! I am using uMod so I may be weaker or stronger than normal.") followed by a line of gibberish. Other uMod users will respond back with this same line of gibberish. uMod users will see none of this. Of course, the UMOD command still works and can be used if needed.

Item Tripping Fix : This passive feature fixes the "Item Tripping" bug that prevents a person from jumping over an item. Obviously, this fatal flaw is devestating to aliens as it will lock them in the spot as they are in the middle of a jump. The item tripping fix applies to ALL SPECIES so preds will never get hung up on marine items and marine specialists or marines with full health/armour will never get hung up on items they can't pick up.

New Alien Mobility: Crouch-jumping allows the alien to glide more easily from wall-to-wall. The alien now has increased momentum and is able to glide off surfaces without getting hung up on ledges. Crouch-jump distance is increased slightly. To initiate this new way of movement, simply keep the screen in the center or above center of your surroundings. To use the old way of moving, simply look below the center of the screen.

Shoulder Cannon Auto and Free Aim: You can now assign a hotkey (default is G) to turn off tracking on the Predator shoulder cannon, so if you wish to hunt with more "skill," then disable the tracking and use the vision mode that highlights the species. This works against any species in any vision mode (e.g. marines in Thermal, aliens in Electric, predators in PredTech). You can turn tracking back on at any time. If you leave a server and rejoin, the game will remember your last choice and will start you off with that choice. Obviously, if you close the game, it will not remember and will always start you off on auto-tracking. Nothing else with the shoulder cannon has been changed.

Predator Pistol Rebalance: The pistol has been rebalanced such that it now has a significant delay between firing. Additionally, its energy cost is doubled, taking off 8 ticks instead of 4. Now you can only get off eight pistol shots on a full charge. Its damage and area of effect, however, remains unchanged. This will hopefully make the pistol a viable option in MP since it cannot simply be spammed and leaves a predator more open to attack between shots.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug wherein the predator would not switch to Wristblades if the Speargun ran out of ammo.

Additional Notes: A longer delay was added before the announcement on join to make it more reliable for laggy joiners.

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