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The development team of "The Sundering" is pleased to announce the launch of two new units. In the one hand we have the Cothique Seaguard, with their bows and spears ready to battle on the Cothique Shores. In the other hand we have the Ellyrian Scouts. These light riders patrol the plains of Ellyrion looking for any sign of enemies. They are capable to throw their javelins from the horseback. I hope you like and enjoy this preview.

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Ellyrian Scouts

In the time of Caledor, all Ulthuan was in turmoil and the armies of Malekith roamed freely, destroying and slaying at will. The Phoenix King called for brave young horsemen to ride the troubled land. Many answered his call, but the greatest in number by far came from Ellyrion, a land renowned for its fine horses and skilled riders. During the long and bitter war that ended in the Sundering, these valiant riders served Caledor well. In small groups they travelled quickly and secretly across the land, taking messages and soliciting support from amongst the Elven Lands, ambushing patrols and intercepting raiders.

Caledor named the swift Elven horsemen his Reaver Knights, and they have been known by that title ever since. These brave horsemen learned to live deep inside enemy territory, finding their sustenance in the wilds and taking what they needed from their foe. They would strike hard and fast before vanishing once more into the wilderness. Soon the evil armies of Malekith became wary of leaving their fortified encampments except in large numbers for fear of attack by the swift knights of Ellyrion. When not fighting they would spread the word of Caledor’s struggle, fostering rebellion and helping loyal Elves to escape the clutches of the Witch King. Stories of their deeds spread amongst Caledor’s amies, lending hope to the High Elf cause during the dark days of struggle when all seemed lost. The term Reaver Knight became a byword for dauntless courage and swift skillful warfare. After the war was over and the evil kindred was driven from Ulthuan, Caledor recognized the part played by his Reaver knights and heaped the greatest praise upon these warriors from Ellyrion. He instituted the creation of Reaver bands formed of young Ellyrian nobles, which would live in the field for months or even years at a time, watching the coasts for any sign of enemy attack, and patrolling the shoreline of Ulthuan for any sign of Dark Elves or Norse raiders. To his day the Ellyrian Reavers still form a deadly part of the Phoenix King’s armies. Patrolling out of the fortress city of Tor Elyr, the Reaver Knights rove the wild lands of Ellyrion, hunting down and slaying the monstrous beasts that leave the borders of the Annulii and seek to rampage through the Inner Kingdoms. Many of Cockatrice or a Chimera has been laid low by the well-placed arrows or spear thrusts of the noble youths, and many more Dark Elves have gad their cruel raids cut short by the swift and deadly Reaver of Ellyrion.

Cothique Sea Guard

The Sea Guard can fight as effectively on the land as on sea, and are equally resolute defending the walls of Tor Bandek as battling across the decks of Elven warships. Most Elven soldiery is called to arms only in times of great need, for there are too few Elves to maintain large armies all the time. The Sear Guard, however, is always kept at strength and retains a cote of full-time warriors. When the armies of Ulthuan go to war, the Sea Guard go with them, to crew the many warships and secure beachheads enabling the rest of the army to come ashore. The function of the Sea Guard means that they must fulfill the dangerous tasks of defending their vessels from attack, mounting boarding actions against enemy ships and attacking coastal positions. To achieve this, they are armed with spears and bows, the better to achieve their many tasks combining the best aspects of Elf Spearmen and Archers. Those who have witnessed the Cothique Sea Guard in action can attest to their practiced skill, disembarking effortlessly from their boats as the keel brushes against the shore. Advancing in a disciplined formation through the churning foam, spears lowered and bows at the ready.

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