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Take a look! It's nothing hard! We'll talk about blocks ingame, what are they and what they mean.

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I would like to announce you, that i've completed tutorial levels.
It's nothing hard, but i would like to let you know about the "Jump Blocks".

You will have only few types of jump blocks in those levels.

Yellow - Normal Block (Platform)
Cyan - Moving Block
Orange - Transparent Block (You can see through it)
Red - Damage Block (Takes HP if you are on it)
Green - Heal Block (Gives HP if you are on it)
Blue - Random Block (Will do a random thing)
Pink - Teleport Block (Will teleport you if you jump on it)
Grey - Checkpoint Block (Saves the game automatically)

Unused Blocks:
Stripe Block (Maybe it will be used as a wall)

Walls: Black

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