A brief update on the new style of maps that will be implemented - Turbo! Shorter rounds, less players, chaotic events and complete mayhem! The road to 1.5 continues! The ultimate multiplayer experience for Brutal Doom! Deathmatch Survival, Battle Royale/LMS!

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Consistency has been hard for me to come by as of late. I have finally found inspiration and have started on the next 2 maps. There will be no "BHR15" - it is now BHRT01 (Brutal Hell Royale Turbo 01)! The "Turbo" style of maps have rounds that are only 1:00, with teleportation after :30 instead of the 1 minute mark. There are also a maximum of 16 players ONLY. The emphasis is now split between the initial battle areas and the final zone, making for satisfying 1 on 1 duels. The content of the map is still the same as promised - you start aboard a Space Station and then are teleported to the surface of a strange...planet? I have already implemented some of the map features that I planned, but, many are still going to be added. These new "turbo" style of maps will be previewed in 1.5 and plentiful for version 2.0.

Also, BHR14 (Survival Instincts) in now BHRSI01. As you can tell, I am planning on adding several maps of the Deathmatch / Persistent game world type as contained in the former BHR14. This is a game mode that will also get several new maps with new gameplay mechanincs! Expect more vehicles and crazy world events!

My plan for Brutal Hell Royale is to turn it into a giant Multiplayer experience for Brutal Doom. I am well on my way to version 1.5 and then to 2.0! I have great vision for this project, just bare with me as I am only one man! Check out a preview of new content below! I am sorry for the wait!

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