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I now have whipped up some story, which I feel like took way longer than it should've.

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Tuesday 12.7 & Wednesday 13.7 | Story

Platformer Prototype

I now have whipped up some story, which I feel like took way longer than it should've. On my blog

Coming up with the story

Didn't feel like posting tuesday's progress on it's own, because I was figuring out how to come up with ideas, learning and was distracted by music the whole time. I had to really concentrate with zero distractions to come up with the simplest of ideas, but eventually I got something that should be just enough. I thought I'd write some bigger story that I would use a part of for the prototype mission, but that would be a waste of time and this prototype is not to test if the story is engaging. So I just wrote short character profiles and a mission that I can easily build upon to use the mechanics I have.

Character backstories

An over qualified mall security guard who took an extra job from his boss at the time Eddie Callous, thinking it would be an opportunity to further his career. Unknowingly he had taken part in a large gang's gun trade that was orchestrated by Eddie. Nick had been assigned to watch their back and thought it was way too shady, but kept at it just to keep his job at the mall. Eventually the trade ended in a jogger being murdered by the paranoid Eddie, for seeing the operation take place. After hearing the gunshots from Eddie's gun he ran towards them, finding an empty parking lot with a deceased jogger. He felt guilty for having been part of it but more angry towards Eddie and made it his mission to stop this from happening again. First he would have to look into the gang's operations further and for this he would need help.

Chip went to the same security guard training as Nick did but dropped out because he had an issue with the authority of the instructors, thinking they hadn't seen any real action in their life and therefore unqualified to boss him around. So he went to the military and became a sniper. He got real good at it but his attitude kept him from getting any further after graduating. Now lost, left only with his sniper skills and sense of humor he was more than ready to do anything that gave him a sense of purpose. That purpose was found when his old friend hit him up and asked for help with a gang he was trying to stop.

Eddie Callous
Bad childhood left him very paranoid. Got into gang activity by being recruited as security for black market trades. He took over the security firm that now covers his equipment as legal and that funds his luxurious lifestyle.


Chip has been gathering information on Eddie by stalking his vacation home in the mountains. He has seen a meeting take place that Eddie and his partners had participated. They have left the transcript of this meeting on the table. Nick is on his way to the residence. His mission is to steal these documents containing details about Eddie's plans that he hopefully can use to stop them and map out the scale of his operations.


Next up is creating the main character's appearence. This probably just means heavily modifying the current enemy model, making it look like Nick, clearly a former security guard. Maybe a bulletproof vest and a new weapon might do it.

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