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My opinion on certain people mod development. The new bug patch is there.

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So after long back and forth and bugs here and there, I have this error small mistakes again assumed. If I get everything right with so there are errors in the movies and the interim certificates in the game. Which are interrupted or even the game to crash. Therefore I have uploaded an update (AliensDX10 Bug Patch V2) Where should fix the errors. I got no such errors once and still did not crash so I know why they do not honestly still could be anything. I hope with the new update, the errors finally repaired.

2) I do not mean some certain people.
It had not changed, the game looks like always.
And others say the shadow had become worse.
This mean I can not connect me to the whole modding days, I finally had time to play the game itself more. And must tell you that my mod makes the game much Beautiful and the shadows compared to the original looks better by miles.
And the review [1] For my mod, claiming it would be by this mod bad I can not understand in the least form.
I would like to take this opportunity to all alls and all-rounders only tell one. If you think my mod brings nothing makes it better. 2) I will sacrifice my free time so that other people have more fun in the game. 3) I have recruited in any way with super high end graphics and in any form, with huge changes. 4) For this work I get no I do this because I row other players and fans of the Alien want to make happy.
So still I wish all who appreciate my work and the extent of the mods recognize much fun playing.


I can honestly say this mod has vastly improved my gaming experience when playing aliens. So thankyou for all your hard work! You have honestly done really well and i'm sure others will agree.

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