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A look into the final patch for Triptych and what features are planned in the expansion, and a summary of upcoming events from Dark Craft Studios.

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Triptych 1.1c - Full Final Release


Hello players and newcomers alike, and welcome. Today I will be discussing in length about the Triptych 1.1c edition that went live last week as well as covering some future news from Dark Craft Studios. A lot of information will be held below, along with a reiteration of our release trailer and some media for exposure to some new faces in the crowd.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has given us feedback. We're at 93/100 right now with our rating system, and are going to begin a renewed push on media in order to expose us to a larger audience (for a modification, that is) that will help Triptych reach the arms of true Lovecraft fans out there. The ambiance in the team has been ecstatic, reveling in the successful release quality of our builds and taking a small break figuring out what's next, and where the future lies ahead. I will delve more into that in the future.

Triptych 1.1c Patch Notes

Triptych 1.1c is a re-release of all the prior patches and some new additional tweaks on top of their base. An introductory book reading tutorial will help players understand all the controls. Particle Effects and atmospheric effects have been adjusted to be more consistent and less strenuous, and the backend of our flowgraph system has a more dynamic load in-out module that should reduce RAM usage considerably. A smoother, relatively bug free experience awaits. Full changelog below;

  • [Gamebreaking/Bugfixing]
  • Fixed rare instance of walk speed / loading of Chapter 3 not working.
  • Fixed rare instance of falling off cliff in chapter 2 load.
  • Glowing Fence through stones.
  • Removed all blinking fog artifacts.

  • [Features]
  • Introduced book reading tutorial.

  • [Visual]
  • Chapter1 Fixed Lanterns Flashing Orange in some instances
  • Chapter2 Fade-in
  • ChapterEnding Fade-in

  • [Audio]
  • Remove Candle Blowout.
  • Normalized volumes of VA/Music.
  • Fixed audio taking too long at Chapter 3 detonator

  • [Music]
  • Removed music from last line in game
  • Restored Samael Music in Epilogue
  • Fadein added to main menu / loading music

Future Triptych Expansion

I have been tossing and turning between the idea of covering a Director's Cut edition or not. Today I've decided to push forward with the idea, to be released in July of this year. Mostly scheduled to be a quality of life improvement, focus has gone into the following elements. This is the complete list of changes to expect in that expansion update.

  • Chapter 2 has been reworked entirely. The same dialog and relatively same book pages will appear, but the length and breadth of the level will be increased. Above ground now takes place in a relatively small circumference, feeling more like an archaelogical campsite, above a mountain in a foggy blizzard. Descending into the digsite will be half organic material, half Sarconian ruins, with more lore and atmosphere from the mysterious civilization to first encounter Samael. Length will increase from 18 minutes to 40, doubling it to increase overall playthrough time to 4 hours.

  • All existing Chapters will receive dynamic lighting updates, randomized weather effects and animated or more detailed backdrops.

  • Five new diary pages will be introduced to all chapters.

  • Music will be more present and varied, with a new pass on sound mixing done to VA volume, ambient volume, and music balance.

  • Dorian End Sequence has been visually reworked from the bottom up to feel more like the fugue state dream he's in. Ethereal visuals, particle effects, dynamic light and hallucinations will be present over the ominous Samael narration.

  • Final optimization pass will be made throughout the flowgraph system we developed, cutting load times, RAM usage, and stabilizing average FPS throughout.

Triptych Media

Another look at our release trailer and some finalized media!

Triptych Main Menu

A Fleeting Memory



Future of Dark Craft Studios

Lastly, we are hard at work finalizing what our next project will be. Details will be scarce on here, but it will be a 2D Lovecraftian/Science Fiction hybrid centered around exploration, base building, real time combat, lore/story missions and a linear campaign. We're on track to develop and release it independently, for sale on Steam.

In the year 2170, humanity has reached the pinnacle of their space faring dreams by colonizing most of the solar system, with outposts on or in orbit of all five planets distant from Earth. After a Type II Civilization is achieved, humanity celebrates their new success, but only for a short while. One day contact with Neptune is suddenly lost, with no ships or communications reporting why. Scouts sent to investigate are never heard from. Afterward, Jupiter and Saturn go "Black" in the same way. A militarized fleet stationed around Mars in preparation await anxiously for the coming threat. Outlying in an asteroid field, the player's ship watches in horror as nothing comes on radar -- but every human ship, colony, orbiter and satellite crew goes completely insane. They kill each other, themselves, crash by the hundreds and in a few moments everyone is dead and Mars goes black in a tidal wave of lights fading. With no idea what is happening, the player must solve the mystery in Contact Lost.

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