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Find out what we've been up to and take a look at the new trailer and pics as we get ready for the Steam store.

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Since Greenlit

Folks, first off I'd like to say thanks for the votes.

Whilst it may appear quiet on the news front there's been lots of development going on in game including :

  • AI improvements to improve attack and defensive capabilities
  • Enhanced animations to accompany AI developments
  • New pre-game configuration to enable you to adjust gameplay to suit your style including weapon adjustments and AI capabilities for attack and defense
  • Training map and small test map where players can quickly test their AI and weapons changes before launching into game
  • Improvements to the AI squads that each player has at their disposal including feedback to the player such as why a soldier or warrior my disregard an order
  • Performance adjustments besides the usual graphics stuff whereby we've included specific configuration to enable players to adjust games to better suit their PC's capabilities
  • Adjustments to character and enemies

See the new trailer below and some new images taken from within game.

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