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Details on the new faction and their unique mechanics

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With the release of Tiberian Renovators v1 comes a new faction, the mercenary PEC, with 6 unites old and new and 1 new, unique building

The PEC is solely comprised of only infantry units and as such is capable of only the ground combat, they have 6 units in total which are:

-Anti-Tank Infantry (replaces bazooka)
-Infiltrator (cloaked unit that looks like a civilian)
-Scout (faster unit with more firepower than bodyguard)
-Builder (MCV in form of a human)

Their unique building is a barrack-like structure that produces money and is built either from MCV or Builder, this building is the sole income provider of the entire faction and as such should be build multiple times

All in all, the PEC relies on hordes of infatry units, their mixed compositions and specialisations and tactical recon capabilities of Infiltrators, one lone builder can bring the faction back into play if their recruitment centers get destroyed

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