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After the tournament on the patch, weve got some solid feedback and some fun games to watch

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On the 13th, the tournament took place, turnout wasnt great, but there were enough people for an enjoyable time. Were gunna be taking feedback from here and so far we have a rough list of changes for next release:

  • Kirov speed nerf
  • Dolphin hitting land bug needs fixing
  • Yuriko omega vs aircraft (perhaps an attack delay, or not instagibbing large aircraft such as centuries and kirovs)
  • Cryogeddon nerf vs empire T3 production structures
  • Possibly decrease cryocopter nerf vs collectors
  • Nerf to molotov reload time
  • Archer maiden damage vs infantry reduced
  • All MCVs speed to 40
  • Some changes to colours
  • Possible nerf allied PP back to 1.12 levels and give power plants a buyable upgrade instead

Thoughts on that?
You can download and watch all the replays here:

Also congrats to termix :)

PsionicAssassin - - 577 comments

I don't like the archer maiden changes, if the damage to infantry is reduced then why does it cost 500? Javelin is a bit better anti air and anti armour but archer is expensive???

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lub123 - - 18 comments

Archer maiden kill dog on one shot and in battle PK vs AM, Archer win she is much better against infantry and japan have anti armour unit tank buster and combinations this two units is really deadly. but you shoud do something with some protocols for example soviets mag satelite and toxic korosion is useless much like allied chrono swap but japan ballon bomb and ... this (kamakaze plane) is now highly OP in 2st level can destroy allied raf !!! that cant do any other protocols in lvl 3 !

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RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

Well, I think we will be looking into posting a few threads in a few places soon.

But this depends how me moving house goes, so it may be a few more days or a couple of weeks depending how long it takes for me to get Interwebz installed at my new house.

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lub123 - - 18 comments

Can you fix V4 animations bug when he use secundary ability

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RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

what seems to be the problem with the V4 animation?? can you provide an screenshot and a brief description of it so we know what to look for.

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