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And many other unique features, units and improvements.The mod is currently under active development. If you have any ideas, feel free to write about them in the comments or in the developer's personal messages. All ideas that are unique or interesting will definitely be implemented in the upcoming update for Towal War

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- Population
The maximum limit set by the game has been reached - 250 populations. Settlers no longer occupy housing.

- Fortifications
Total War provides you with new unique opportunities to improve outposts and walls.

- Build limits removed
The mod removes the restrictions set by the game on the construction of certain units and buildings.

- Player colors reworked
New player colors have been added that match the gamut of Age Of Empires 3

- Visual component
Updated the sounds of the surrounding world: shots, birdsong, ocean sounds and so on. The effects of shots and volleys have also been updated, which gives the game a real taste of Total War.

- HD quality flags and portraits
Updated flags and portraits of rulers.

- AI redesigned
The well-known Draugur AI was taken as the basis of AI and modified

- New Empires
Four new empires have been added to the mod: the Italian Republic, the Northwestern Confederacy, the Korean Empire and the Romanian Kingdom. Several empires were also carved out, as they did not fit the general idea and the era of fashion - the Iroquois, Aztecs, Spaniards

- New buildings and unique features

The mod provides an opportunity to order an engineer who, thanks to improvements, can build up to thirty factories.

- Total war of the imperial era
In the new University building, with the transition to the imperial era, you can take an improvement that allows you to transfer the First World War to Age Of Empires 3. Tanks, airships, airplanes, infantrymen of the First World War and much more will be available to you.

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Good luck with your mod dude ;-)

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