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After some time we are back with again a topic, character progression and space ships will be what we're explaining today.

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Hello everybody,

It may have taken some time due to holiday's and personal issues, but we're back with a topic today

Character Progression

In real life you learn by doing stuff, this we tried to implement in our game in our own way. If you want to fight with a sword, you equip a sword, you fight a lot and your skill with a sword increases. As every weapon represents its own play style, basically playing how you like to play is all you need to do to make your character stronger. As you get better with a sword your character will figure out different ways to use his sword, resulting in skills and talents. These stats and sills are not lost when switching weapons, you might even be able to use some of them with your newly equipped weapon. For the basic stats, for example health, the same basic idea is at the foundation for our way of thinking. Everyone will start with about the same health, but when you fight a lot in close quarters your bound to take a hit or two. Each hit will result in you losing health, but whenever your health decreases your character will be able to take more damage as he regenerates, thus resulting in a natural increase in stats based on your play style. The underlying message is: just play how you want and your character will adapt, not the other way around. (the exact way this will work out is not yet definite and may be subject to change)

Space ships

Everyone needs transport, but what if there are more inhabited planets? Of course, you need a space ship. Everyone that finishes the tutorial gets their own spaceship with their own starting crew, but how long will this tiny starting ship suffice? As your journey through the vast space progresses you will want to be able to traverse longer distances, be able to carry more cargo or crew and not lose to every pirate. For this you need to either upgrade your existing space ship or buy bigger ones (and upgrade those and so on). You will be able to upgrade your spaceship in large cities rather cheap based on the science level of your guild, faction and main faction, or you can buy upgrades from the owner of the hanger, or you will be able to install salvaged parts from certain other ships you might have destroyed. You will also be able to paint your ship and do a couple of other things to personalize your ship. Once you grow stronger you may also be able to steal someone else's ship, NPC or player, if your able to board the ship and clear it of enemy's.

Thank you all for reading, if there are any questions about any topic's or if there is anything you want to know how we want to do that ask in the comments below and we will answer your question's in the upcoming topic's

Kind regards,



Sounds awesome! Wish the best for you guys :D

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