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Hello everyone, 9GEN here. Today's topic will be "Factions and Guilds"

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Hello everyone, 9GEN here.


Basically the game contains 3 types of factions, the Major faction, the Sub faction and Guild Faction. The major factions are The Alliance and The Empire, at the start of the game you will choose either to play as a member of the Alliance or as a member of the Empire. Within one of those 2 major factions you will play your story your way. Within the major factions there are sub factions. While you create a character you will need to choose a sub faction species, for example if you create a human you will be part of the Earth Alliance. From here you will play your story and, like mentioned before, you will play it your way. Do you want to be evil? Then play evil. Do you prefer to be a good guy? Be a good guy. Within the Alliance you can choose to be one of the twelve species and within the Empire you can choose to be one of the eight species (more about the species will come in time). And last but not least the Guild faction. Guild factions are alliances between several player-created guilds. But to create a GUild faction you need at least one Diplomatic guild. This is because the research time of a diplomatic guild is faster than the other two types of guilds, and ofcourse someone needs to take the blame for the failures of politics. This means that all the research will fall under the resposibilities of the diplomatic guild, What they reasearch will be decided by politics, do the other guilds have a say in this or not is your own choice.
As a Faction you will have the option to choose to stay within the Major faction or you go defect to the other Major faction. You also have the option to go fully independent. This means you are not restricted by one of the Major factions and will neither have their benefits nor their shortcomings. Everything you have researched from the Major faction you can bring with you, now you can also research the tech tree of the opponent faction. As an independent faction you may also choose to steal reasearch, as this might be faster or the only possible way to obtain this particular scientific discovery. We haven't yet reached a clear idea of the reasearch for independents, but this will come in due time.


So we covered this in the previous topic but here is some extra information concerning guilds. As you might know there are 3 types of guild or “branches’:
- Military Guild
- Diplomatic Guild
- Trade Guild

Military Guild
Military Guild’s are focusing on military power. They got the largest fleets and the strongest armies and marines. They can build strongholds, fortresses, orbital space stations and much more, everything that a military should have and needs. As a part of a military guild you will create fleets and Marine Corps and give them a special name so people know who they are messing with. You will start small and eventually become larger. You will create ships and give them minions, and so goes for your corps. Or you don’t use minions at all and only use players to control a ship. Minions can be recruited on planets you own. The first ship you own will have a standard amount of minions, every time when you buy a new ship it will not include minions. Therefore you will need to own cities and planets or at least your Guild will need one of them. You will need an academy in your owned city to recruit minions for your ships and for your marine corps, or you could recruit them from space stations. You can change your minion’s appearance by changing their armor, give them a type of role like rifleman or swordsman. Each time you go in battle the minions will gain experience points and level up. You can organize your military power in your way. You prefer to give each minion a specific order or do you want to create teams of minions and order them in teams, have it your way.

Diplomatic Guild
Diplomatic Guild is needed to create a Guild Faction, this because they are and will be the core of researching the techs, spend money on guild stuff and decide the diplomatic relations with others. For example the leader of the diplomatic guild will be the “President” and his senate will be the officers of his guild plus the leaders and high officers off all guilds within the guild faction. Then they will decide together what will happen. The diplomatic guild is the only one who has a max limit of 21 members. Every major decision of the other guilds will be first considered by the guild faction “senate”, with their major approval the guild may proceed their action. Or perhaps you prefer a different kind of rulership, say a monarchy this will be diceded through the diplomatic guild.

Trade Guild
The Trade Guild is the economical guild and doesn’t (officially) do politics or wage war (but they can always finance certain decicions ofcourse). There are 2 types of Trade guilds, those who create and sells on the black market, and those who trade on legal terms and do freelance jobs. We haven’t discussed much about the Trade Guild yet so more about this will come in the future.


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