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Fight the Guardian, find new artifacts and companions in a completely new dungeon with new encounters!

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One by One v.0.9

Greetings, adventurers! The dungeons of dark roguelike shooter One by One have truly evolved in a special version of the game for Steam Next Fest festival.

Massive visual overhaul

We've completely reworked lighting system and room design. This is how visuals of the game changed since the first version of the game.


Hounds percieve world in three colors: black, white and blue. You're entering their shrine, so be prepared for a counterattack.

screen sapphire lens resized

Meet new monsters

These formless creatures use a very complex breathing system to create a tiny black hole in their mouth, don't get caught!

bubka cycled

Find "Steamy, the Ghost Gun"

Two guns are better than one! Get this new companion from treasure chests, and make a good duo.

The ghost gun

Challenge the new Guardian

Guardian amber crystal

The Guardian has been beaten more than 250 times, so it came up with a deadly upgrade. Amber crystal upgrades ALL of its attacks. We hope you know how to avoid bullet hell.

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