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This is just a summary of ideas behind the map as I developed it.

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UPDATE: There are two new sections added to the end of the map, also in a style at least I've never seen before in Doom^^

It all started with a small room... and ended in quite a large map.

Structurally, I tried to convey some sort of narrative, so it's not just a room-after-room level. You're sent on a mission to check on a subsidiuary waste complex of UAC since the last trooper didn't make it back. So you go ahead, step off the teleport platform and see what's to find.

Tutorials on as well as on youtube helped out a lot. Also reading the description inside of effect WAD files as well^^ Modifying some scripts was also pretty easy after I opened myself to it.

I do expect to modify this map over time (e.g. balancing monsters/health/ammo).

But this is as far as I got for now and I think it's ready to be released. So have fun and as mentioned in the description: Please let me know if there's anything needing correction.

See ya!

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