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Version 2.90 Patch has been released! Go check it out to download!

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Download Link for 2.90 PATCH:

Version 2.90 C patch changes (December 19, 2021):
- Corrected issue with some food resources not giving enough bonus
- Slightly reduced Settler costs from version 2.90

Version 2.90 patch changes (December 18, 2021):
- Includes Flintlock's latest EXE patch (C3X_R9)
- Land Settlers on board ships can no longer build cities in water tiles (thanks Flintlock!)
- Overhauled (increased) Unit Movement - most infantry units now have 2 movement points, and most Cavalry now have 3 movement
- The goals of this change are to create the following effects:
* Moving infantry units is now more strategic. You'll want to travel along flat terrain when possible for quicker movement (instead of in previous iterations where terrain was disregarded since you could only move 1 tile per turn regardless of terrain).
* Foot units can now be used more often on offensive pushes along with mounted units, since the difference between their movement and mounted unit movement is less significant
* Units with movement bonuses along certain types of rougher terrain are now more valuable
* Certain races that have a connection with types of terrain can now have almost all of their units benefit from moving on that terrain (example: most Amazonian units now move more quickly through jungles)
* Using most workers is now less tedious as they are able to get from point A to point B more quickly
- Overhauled Terrain Outputs:
- Increased shield output of Forest & Jungle Tiles
- Increased bonuses from mining Hills & Mountains to +2 (but slightly increased turns required to mine)
- Forests can no longer be mined (due to the higher default shield bonus from Forests)
- Effects of above Terrain Output changes
* Looking for more 'balanced' terrain types when founding cities is more beneficial (less "grassland hunting")
* AI keeps vegetation around more often (Forests & Jungles)
- New Small Wonder: Metals Camp
- Villages can now grow to size 7 before needing a Warehouse
- Towns can now grow to size 13 before needing an Aqueduct
- Added additional unique techs to some races
- Most settler units are now slightly more expensive to make up for their quicker movement
- Movement along Roads is now uses 1/2 movement point
- Undead Tomb Crawler worker rate increased from 75% to 90%, but they move more slowly than most worker units from other races
- Slightly increased Map sizes
- Remodeled Spell Spire system to avoid accidental 'resets' of autoproduction cycle when switching to higher levels
- Remodeled upgrade system for building-produced upgradeable units, to avoid accidental 'resets' of autoproduction cycle when switching to higher levels
- Lightning Sphere rebalanced and now correctly eliminates all corruption
- Rebalanced strategic resource yield bonuses
- Experimentation tech now correctly requires Preservation tech
- Increased frequency of Domestic Products created from some Domestic small wonders
- Beast Lair now correctly gives Barracks for all cities on continent only
- Amazonian Level 3 Slaves now have higher Work Rate
- Goblin Fanatics, Wood Elven Path Finders, Osiri Javelineers, & Naga Crocs now have Blitz ability
- Reduced cost of regular and overseas Harbors
- Several Orc Units renamed
- Added Blitz ability to: Dark Elf Executioner
- Wood Elf Trustfall Rangers can now be upgraded
- Fixed issue with Jade Empire's Jade Sanctuaries being too cheap
- Fixed issue with Lizardmen Skink Worker being listed twice in city build list
- Frostling Polar Guidance tech is now cheaper and available earlier
- Astur trees now require Polar Guidance tech in order to be visible
- Fixed issue with Winter Cog not having correct 3 movement points
- Corrected an inconsistency between Steam and non-Steam labels.txt file for 'Ranged Attack' action
- Additional Civilopedia updates

Version 2.88 patch changes (October 23, 2021):
- NEW UNIT: Frostling Mammoth
- NEW UNIT: Wood Elven Trustfall Ranger
- Extra tip for solving lag issues on version of Civ 3 (listed in ReadMe file)
- Chivalry, Ingenuity, The Higher Order, & Collective Power techs are now no longer required for era advancement
- Further increased unit diversity of AI military forces
- Aqueduct (for city size above 12) is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Halfling Alloys unique tech is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Gold Mines can now be equipped with Gold Extractor add-on for additional Gold/turn
- Previous Frostling Cthulhu is now a Naga unit
- Icicle Throne and Beast Lairs can no longer be captured by other races (these Unique Wonders now require Civ 3 or Steam versions to function correctly)
- High Elven Holy Archer now has upgradeable range
- Ethropa Swarm Ultralesk boosted +1 Att & +1 Def
- Corrected issue with upgraded Harvester of Souls not having Fire attributes
- Corrected the graphics for craters on terrain
- Corrected some text inconsistencies when in Tutorial Mode
- Andori Protodrake is now categorized as 'motorized'
- Troll Berserkers and Enraged Berserkers are now "switchable" alternate forms
- "Alternate Forms" are better explained in the Civilopedia
- Other Civilopedia corrections

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