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As the title says, details on TK2.ZERO brand new rebuilt weather and latest BETA release date news.

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Afternoon readers. Today I bring you all news which will surely bring much anticipation for most of you. Over the last 2 days I've been working on rebuilding the weather in STALKER. By rebuilding I'm not just talking rejiging sky textures to make the weather seem more streamlined, oh no. Everything you can possibly imagine for bringing a visually stunning, realistic look has and is being catered for. Sky textures have been reordered for a seamless experience, the sun blooms again, proper flares are present depending on weather (cloudy, rain, sunshine, night, etc). Dust and wind has been enhanced, particle weather conditions have been enhanced, theres correct sun and moon positioning, the sky is dynamic (it gradually rotates based on time of day) and even the rain itself is far more realistic looking!

Not only that, but there has also been a few texture improvements (reworked so they don't look anywhere near as low resolution and crappy) and a few more engine based optimisations to minimise slowdown. Player and armor immunities have also been very finely balanced now. You can expect most armors to grant good protection from standard gunfire, but up against a enemy using AP (armor piercing) rounds, your best friend is going to be cover. Don't take mutant attacks lightly either, many will be able to tear you to shreds if you aren't adiquately prepared.

Lastly, and perhaps what you are eagerly reading on to find out, the release date of the new beta! If everything continues to go smoothly as it has over the last few days you can expect to be anxiously downloading the new beta of TK by at the latest this coming Tuesday! Although, I plan to try and release the beta sometime Sunday.

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