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The beta build has been uploaded and should be available to download soon!

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TK2.Zero beta 11-10-10 has been uploaded and should be available for download soon. In the meantime here are some screenshots from the very latest build and a further list of whats changed on top of what you already know.

Most recent changes:

Armor has been finely tuned. Don't expect it to turn you into a walking god.
Mutant immunities adjusted. Their rough, tough, and want to spill your innards.
Increased probability of traders selling .45 calibur rounds.
Completed new weather system (see screenshots for examples)
(Hopefully) fixed a vanilla problem with electra anomaly flash and some explosion flashes lasting a unrealistically long time.

These changes are in addition to the changes listed in the last news post about TK changes. Finally, a couple screenshots from the 11-10-10 beta build.



bobsbarricades - - 114 comments

wow, looks real solid. Also it seems like Lost Alpha and you have similar goals. Is this accident or do you nto like the direction they're going in?

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ketxxx Author
ketxxx - - 1,287 comments

I have nothing against Lost Alpha. Dez0 has helped me out a couple times too when X-Ray bit my arse, but the direction their going in isn't my envisionment of what Stalker should be. TK aims to bring everything to the table GSC promised, as well as having many enhancements far beyond any other mod. Particularly in visuals. Every aspact has had a painstakingly high level of attention paid to to ensure THE most realistic (visually and in gameplay) of any mod. Being in beta form still theres obviously some rough edges I haven't smoothed over and there are gameplay aspects incomplete still, but the beta does allow people to experiment with what is there and enjoy the extremely high level of visual detail.

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Kyle_K_ski - - 1,011 comments

So when you refer to making it "...THE most gameplay...of any mod..." I'm assuming that includes AI that know when to use stealth, AI that can be evaded through stealth, AI that have their sensory capabilities affected by the weather and lighting conditions, AI that communicate and coordinate with one another to fix and then flank their opponent(s), enable AI to lean around cover/concealment, and have realistic ballistics that includes material penetration based on the characteristics of the round that's fired?

I'm just trying to get a clearer idea of what you intend. Could you elaborate more in regards to the AI?

I'm excited by your ambition, and look forward to seeing more of your work.


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ketxxx Author
ketxxx - - 1,287 comments

Theres only so much I can currently make the AI do, and what the AI does do it chooses to do by itself. Perhaps a good example is something that happened to me earlier testing some all.spawn work. I was hanging out at the rookie camp (just started a new game) and after a couple predictable events had occured (I knew they would because its what I programmed to happen) something very unexpected happened. Due to various AI changes I've made (I'll spare the details to save some time) The military decided to stroll on by the rookie camp and annihilate everybody (except me, I whipped up a weapon from a dead soldier and headed for cover) during the attack I'd say the AI was bloody smart. They didn't just stroll on in through the entrance, they attacked from the back of the rookie camp and the side.

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striker121 - - 80 comments

Ketxx, I've had the exact same thing happen with LURK before. It seems that mods that change NPC scripting in any way can have certain...unintended side effects. Although in my case some of the camp actually survived. When they realized they were losing (For them atleast, I was getting quite a few kills on the military, even with my ****** starting weapons) they retreated to the bunkers underground and the leader with the AK stood in front with the one other person with a high power rifle (Mousin Naugat?) and defended it successfully. Was epic.

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