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As the title says, TK complete updates have been removed for technical reasons, see description for details.

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Yes, TK complete updates have been removed. Now, before you all ask why they have been removed I'll tell you; Simply put the TK complete updates have been removed for technical reasons. I've had to start restructuring the update packages for more advanced features which will eventually get included. For the moment only the TK 1.0004 > 1.0005 update and survival update remain available.

The new TK complete update will be available soon and will contain the following improvements:

- Includes new train textures
- Survival update
- TK 1.0004 > 1.0005 update
- Re-balance zoom values for AR scopes, sniper scopes & binoculars
- Disable NPC "ID tag" of binoculars
- Compensate for a texture X-Ray engine stretches
- Replace a low resolution foliage texture
- Stashes are back
- Added suit protection paramaters to descriptions
- Fixed many vanilla XML formatting errors
- Fixed many poor English descriptions (lack of detail, broken scentances etc)
- Added ammunition types each weapon uses to descriptions
- Addressed out of place textures
- Tweak Meltacs script so binocular overlay & NV effect doesn't lag when zooming out (but keeping the less flicker fix)
- Add workaround for NPC retarded aiming in threat state
- Add workaround for empty stashes
- Other minor fixes for vanilla Stalker issues

It also goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, if you have either of the old TK complete updates, do NOT install them!!


It's a shame the survival package part isn't optional or is it? From what I read about it in the info last week it is not something I would personally want to use (some people will and some won't), It seems to have become an integrated part of the update since then, is that correct? if so, gutted.

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ketxxx Author

Yep its integrated, if you don't want to use the survival update just don't copy over the trader files in the misc folder ;)

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Ah good, that's simple enough, thanks for the heads up.

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ketxxx Author

No problem, working with X-Ray as long as I have been now I'm confident I know as much as the devs themselves do and even some tricks the devs didn't think were possible >.< Not sure if its a good or bad thing to know a game so well you know as much as the devs and more :/

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