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My apologies for the silence and delay, lifes been busy not allowing me as much time as I would of liked.

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Some have asked for a full feature list for TK 2.ZERO, I'll be honest, changes are so numerous I can't possibly list every change as there are simply just so many of them. However, I will list as many points as I consider to be the most significant (and what I can remember).

- Campfires give ambient light. See some screenshots.
- Good snipers. They will shoot at you from a fair distance away now.
- Unexpected attacks. Expect the most unlikely scenarios.
- Particle optimisations. Not only do particles look more beautiful, others have been optimised too to minimise low FPS problems :)
- Minimised game "pauses". Introduced with patch 1.0003 some processing was moved to the second CPU stream, this caused game "pausing". I have done all I can to minimise this.
- Brand new textures. Many textures I have customosed or outright replaced. Just look at the screenshots for some great examples ;)
- New weapons. You will find weapons of all flavors to take your fancy.
- AI can use all weapons. Their rough, tough, and ain't no puffs!
- AI can (and will) roam the game however they want. You may even meet Father Diodor in Cordon :)
- Added in many mutants. Spare pair of pants handy? Good.
- NPCs can use medkits and throw grenades.
- Extremely advanced graphical improvements and optimisations. All my own work. X-Ray has been made to look as good as it will ever look.
- Mutant food chain. Some mutants don't like eachother and will fight. For example, Tushkanos and mutant cats.
- Epic battles. You'll see what I mean.
- Raids. Some factions will attack eachother from time to time.
- New "low power" flashlight.
- New armors. Check your local stockists regularly!
- All factions have very precise weapon balances to them. Eg; Freedom use Sig 550s, G36s, SVUs, etc. Duty use Abakans, Grozas, Berettas, and so on.
- Modified weapon damages. Again, totally rebalanced. No weapon is over or underpowered anymore.
- Modified ammunition. If you are finding it tough downing a heavily armored enemy, then switch to the appropriate AP rounds!
- Rebalanced traders. Each trader has stock exclusive to them, some items will only be unlocked after certain events and access to Petrenko might be tricky.. lets leave it at that.
- Smart factions. Tired of a entire faction becoming your enemy for killing one of them? That won't happen anymore. Instead only NPCs in the immediate area that saw the "dastardly act" will come after you. Kill too many though, and the faction will wise up to you. You have been warned.
- Random traitors! At any time, anywhen, somebody may try to pop a cap in the back of your head.
- Sleeping and dreaming. Be careful where you choose to set up camp!
- Blowouts and PSI emissions. Take proper cover!
- Weapon attachments. Forget what you think you know. Attachments have been designed to be true to life. Eg; H&K G36 can be fitted with a grenade launcher and silencer.
- Effective silencers. Silencers really DO make a difference. Enemies won't be able to find you as easily.
- Stealth. Not something people think is possible to do, however, I've come up with a nice way to make it realistic WITHOUT screwing with NPCs vision.
- Traders have favored items. Eg; Scientists in Yantar like artifacts and will pay well for them.. very well. Sid is your all-rounder and will pay reasonable prices for most things. Visit traders and work out who pays best for what.
- True survival experience. Don't expect to go through the game with thousands of rounds of ammo. You will be forced to choose which weapons are best for each mission to preserve ammo.
- Harsh beginning. You start with a Knife, tattered STALKER suit (broken nightvision, low stats) and a sleeping bag. All other equipment is OSP.
- "Scorched Earth" weather.
- No playthrough will ever be the same.
- Audio is in Russian. Don't worry, important stuff is still in English.
- You can now attach up to 7 artifacts to your belt.

I think that gives all you guys a VERY good idea what to expect ;)

To Be Added in TK3: Ground ZERO:

New Levels
Maybe new factions
Other surprises I'll let you all speculate over :D

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Sounds awesome! Good to hear from you again.

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I have a few things to finish then I'll release the final build of TK2.ZERO ;) I'm a perfectionist.

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