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New the Bard’s quest, Updated map, Fast Travel, New rage bar, Progression and Crafting Changes, Ability Tree Spells, Titan Bastion.

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Bard’s Story

The lonely Bard inhabits one of the Broken Valley islands. We advice you pay him a visit, as he can guide you to the key to the Titan Bastion.. for a small favour, of course.

  • Introduced the Bard’s quest to the Broken Valley.

Updated map

Our finest cartographers have improved the map’s design! Fresh and new, it’s now perfectly adapted for traversing the floating islands!

  • Updated map’s design.
  • Updated icons and their placement on the map.

Fast Travel

You can now fast travel from anywhere in the world through your map. Removed the now redundant “stone of teleportation”.

Rage Bar

Combat system has received a brand new rage bar, which fills up during the fights. It can either be partially used to make strong attacks, or depleted fully to make a power strike.

Progression and Crafting Changes

This update overhauls the way character progression resources work, especially the related activities, and things you can spend those resources on.

  • Ability Tree nodes are unlocked with Dragon Stones. You can find those in various camps’ chests.
  • Flame can now be used to unlock various recipes. It can be gained by participating in the majority of in-game activities: collecting resources, slaying foes, cooking food, activating memorials. You can gain a large amount of Flame by completing quests and Rituals.

Ability Tree Spells

Ability Tree has been expanded with 9 different spells:

  • Sky Jump - spring into the air, ascending to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Arcane Trap - create an ensnaring aura around yourself.
  • Haste - boost your movement speed.
  • Water Walk - traverse bodies of water on foot.
  • Chain Lightning - send out a lightning that would jump from foe to foe.
  • Heal - heal yourself or your target.
  • Light Orb - create an orb of light to illuminate your surroundings.
  • Stone Skin - reduce the incoming damage to yourself or your target.
  • Fire Breath - ignite the foes in front of you.

You can have up to 3 active spells at a time. To change the active spell - pick it in the Ability Tree and press “activate”.

Titan Bastion

Somewhere among the Broken Valley isles there’s the Titan Bastion. It is not easily reached, but rumors tell it is more than worth it. And what is the harm? Noone has seen a functioning Titan for years anyway.

  • Introduced a new island.
  • Added a “Titan Destroyer” device.
  • Fixed the behaviour and animations of Titans.
  • Titans can now destroy some elements of the environment.

We look forward to seeing you in the world of Arkana!

If you would like to know more about the game, join us on Discord, check out all of our other Social and Community channels.

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