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The first of the multi-part series of updates about TinyKeep's AI! Over the next few days I will be posting a series of videos about the monster intelligence system that we've developed for the game.

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Today I'm going to talk about simple roaming and chasing behaviours for a single monster. For the later parts, I'll progress to more sophisticated concepts such as Group Tactics and Rivalry.

I've already written at length about the plans we have for the AI on our main Kickstarter page, so I won't bore you anymore here. Instead, I feel that the AI is best explained visually and interactively so here's a playable AI demo for Part 1.

Try the interactive AI demo here:

Note that I'm not using the 3D graphics you've seen on the video and screenshots. For testing and debugging purposes it is often best to use simple 2D graphics so I can easily annotate and visualize what is going on.

Here's the accompanying video explaining the major aspects of roaming and chasing!

For the next update I'll talk about Retreating and Defense. Unlike the Skeleton shown here some monsters are less aggressive and will flee at the sight of you. Stay tuned...


No idea why, but the video made me intrigued to see the progress of this game.

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phi6 Author

I'll be posting more news here over time.
In the meantime, there's regular updates on the Kickstarter page too!

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Informative and well-presented. Thanks a lot for this insight into your game's AI.

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Nice video! Can't wait to see more.

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Thanks for this. I read your writeup on reddit about dungeon generation. It's really cool seeing how games are built and work. I wish I was smart enough to make games because stuff like this is such a great resource.

Edit - I see you have the dungeon generator stuff in your news section here. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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