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Finally the first Trailer to Timeless War is done and online on YouTube. Further more I want to talk about details of the free pre-alpha release and Crowdfunding.

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After alot of work, the first Trailer to Timeless War is finally done. It is completly done by a self made ingame cinematic system. Enjoy. :)

******** Pre-Alpha ********

Of course, I want to talk about a few details of the upcoming pre-alpha I promised. Since the trailer and its cinematic system is now done, I can focus on implementing a decent multiplayer system which is the next step I planned. After that, I expand the gameplay mechanics to a very certain point. You can expect to play 1 Commander of each faction in Skirmish game-mode. The Tech-Tree will be simplified to infantry and economy system only. The Pre-Alpha stadium will also include on of the game-modes for those of you who prefer some kind of MOBA like games: the "Arena". In Arena you shall be able to fight "1 on 1" or all players together in groups in much smaller arena like levels. The purpose of the pre-alpha is primarily to find bugs and basic multiplayer testing, but having fun is the most important aspect of the game. ;)

However, I still have no further details on the release date of the Pre-Alpha version. I am trying hard to aim for August / September.

******** Crowdfunding ********

For the long term, this project cannot survive unless it grows to a commercial product. The plan is to upload the game to Steam Greenlight and enter Early-Access-State where it will be available for a lower price at start. This game will not be Free-to-Play, instead you pay once and play forever. In this context you can see the Pre-Alpha as early demo version, which will be updated as well. ;) To go this step I need your help! If you like this game, please support my campaigns on IndieGOGO and Patreon. I am grateful for every bit, even the smallest! Besides, awesome rewards are waiting for you. :)

At the end of this article, I want to thank my girlfriend Clarissa (Vermnetrax) for supporting me up to this point! Without her help, I wouldnt be where I am today!

Stay tuned!

{HEROIC}Doci - - 1,848 comments

Haha nice video !
That Voice is amazing :3

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FIN7 - - 927 comments

Reminds me,about Scrin intro of C&C 3 in good way. :)

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Medusa_Zenovka Author
Medusa_Zenovka - - 1,008 comments

Yeah, it definitively had some influence.

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