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The new update for TimeDestroyed is out now! Download the latest version of the map pack for a new hellish experience!

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Hello everyone, Za_World here

Today I am releasing an update for TimeDestroyed, called Hell/PistolStart update, because of its 2 main focuses:

1)Improving the visuals and the design consistency in the hell levels
2)Improving the pistol start gameplay

Let's see what's new:

-MAP06: Castle of Araya has new areas that almost double the original size of the map. MAP06 is the first level properly set in hell and should represent one of the biggest fortresses of hell. Sadly, the old versione of the map didn't quite deliver this feeling. It was too small and not crowded enough. The updated version has new indoor areas and a new, big and unforgiving outdoor arena. Oh yeah, new demons also.

- Items placement of every map has been improved in order to make the pistol start gameplay more enjoyable. Even if TimeDestroyed was not created with pistol start playstyle in mind, I've decided to modify and add some items in order to make this mode more enjoyable, since there were level where you could pick no guns, apart from the one dropped by zombies.

-The artstyle of hell's level has been revamped in order to make it more consistent between the maps and to make it look less blocky and dull.

You can read the full changelog in the new downloadable file.

As always, thank you for downloading and playing my map pack. Leave a feedback, and I will improve my work!

You can download the map pack here:

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