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The Tiger I gets a long required upgrade and has also gained some new friends. Tiger I reloaded + Sturmtiger + Tiger I with 7.5 cm KwK A18 + T-VI-100

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Tiger I reloaded

Besides a different texture created by the FH devs the Tiger I model has been unchanged since the release of Battlefield 1942. It was about time to correct some minor inaccuracies. As you can see in the screenshots the texture, tracks and road wheels have been replaced with more detailed ones. Now you can actually distinguish between the "early" and "late" variant.


After the T28 GMC and Wirbelwind yet another vehicle from SWoWWII is celebrating its comeback in the next update. The Sturmtiger was a heavy assault gun designed to break through heavily fortified positions. It was armed with a 38 cm rocket launcher which fired shells with a high explosive charge of 125 kg. 18 Sturmtigers were built and used on the Eastern and Western front in 1944/45.

In FHSW the Sturmtiger is a very powerful weapon against infantry and tanks, nothing can withstand its firepower. Problematic, though, is the high arc which makes aiming over long distances difficult, very limited ammo and the insanely long reload time of 30 seconds. To counter this the Sturmtiger is equipped with a new feature that lets you estimate in what distance your shell is going to hit.

To defend versus close infantry it’s equipped with a MG 34, MP 40 pistol ports and the Nahverteidigungswaffe.

If you manage to destroy this beast it blows up in a huge explosion because of all the high explosive ammo stored in the tank.

Tiger I with 7.5 cm KwK A18

The 7.5 cm A18 gun of this Tiger was a Czech project which was to be used on the Skoda T-25. This tank never left the drawing board but it’s rumoured that they armed one Tiger with this gun after the war for testing purposes. It has less penetration than the regular 8.8 cm KwK but a very high rate of fire because it has an auto loader similar to the Jagdpanther’s in the current version of FHSW.

T-VI-100 (Captured Tiger I with 100 mm D-10T)

The Soviets were able to capture a small amount of Tigers and even used some of them in battle. One project in late 1944 by OKB-43 suggested to re-arm one Tiger with the 100 mm D-10T. The project was approved but in Spring 1945 there was no need for this vehicle anymore and it was dropped.



sturmtiger should get mutch more firepower.. but overall it's great work.

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