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New Patch v 2.88 has been released! Details below.

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New Patch v 2.88 Download link and change log:

Download ToC Version 2.88 Patch (requires full install of version 2.0)

Version 2.88 patch changes (October 23, 2021):
- NEW UNIT: Frostling Mammoth
- NEW UNIT: Wood Elven Trustfall Ranger
- Extra tip for solving lag issues on version of Civ 3 (listed in ReadMe file)
- Chivalry, Ingenuity, The Higher Order, & Collective Power techs are now no longer required for era advancement
- Further increased unit diversity of AI military forces
- Aqueduct (for city size above 12) is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Halfling Alloys unique tech is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Gold Mines can now be equipped with Gold Extractor add-on for additional Gold/turn
- Previous Frostling Cthulhu is now a Naga unit
- Icicle Throne and Beast Lairs can no longer be captured by other races (these Unique Wonders now require Civ 3 or Steam versions to function correctly)
- High Elven Holy Archer now has upgradeable range
- Ethropa Swarm Ultralesk boosted +1 Att & +1 Def
- Corrected issue with upgraded Harvester of Souls not having Fire attributes
- Corrected the graphics for craters on terrain
- Corrected some text inconsistencies when in Tutorial Mode
- Andori Protodrake is now categorized as 'motorized'
- Troll Berserkers and Enraged Berserkers are now "switchable" alternate forms
- "Alternate Forms" are better explained in the Civilopedia
- Other Civilopedia corrections

Domestic AdvisorToc New 1City Screen

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