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After their success at selling their invention to the Americans, The Evans Corporation makes a secret deal with China to provide them with their own SCVs. However, unbeknown to Evans, General Leang another plan in mind.

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September 202x
PLA Base Dragon, Gansu Province, China

The temperature outside was getting pretty low, and weather was very windy, with the Chinese banners and flags wildly flapping. Thankfully the building where the meeting was taking place was well isolated and properly warmed. The conference table was divided between the two parties involved: representatives of Evans and PLA. General Leang was at the center of her group, surrounded by other military officers. On the other side there was the Chairman of the Asian branch of Evans Corporation Hong Yi Li and his suited lawyers and specialists.

The meeting was ended with the signing of the contract which appoints Evans to produce SCVs for the China as the China will need them. When Li was presenting the technology to General Leang, Leang didn’t show much interest and kept her cold demeanor. When the presentation ended, after the discussion with the other officers, she commissioned first ten hovercrafts to be delivered by two months, and signed the contract. The representative of PLA General Staff and PLAN Admiral signed right after Leang, followed by Li and another man who signed on behalf of Evans.

For Li it was a great personal success. Chinese were known to be hard to please when regarded to military technologies, where they were making their own progress, and especially Leang who was known to not trust other nations.

After the Evans representatives leaved the base complex, The Tigress, walking to her office, was followed by one of the officers who were present during the meeting. He noticed Leang smiling as her high heels echoed through the hall. "It’s unusual to see you in this good mood. What is it that it made you like that, General?" asked the officer as they made a turn into another corridor. Leang gave him a swift look "Just thinking how naive the Evans Corporation is."

December 202x
BCTV Headline News Broadcast

"Good day, China."
"The PLA, with the assistance of the industrial companies and brightest minds of the people, have made a great invention that will allow us to build structures and objects on the deep water surfaces in a moment notice. The first construction to be finished by this method was a colony of houses near the beaches of Xiamen, where the construction of the colony took just two weeks."

"According to the words of the PLA representative that we interviewed, the navy plans to use this invention to be used for the construction of remote shipyards and naval bases to help increase the security of our borders near the Pacific."

Hello, it's been a long time since we have made a last update. This update was delayed a bit because our team leader was occupied with real life issues, but in the end the delay was not as significant as we feared. Today we bring you the means how to produce the naval units for the China, the SCV and Shipyard. Enjoy!

Chinese Shipyard Construction Vehicle (SCV)

After their success at selling their invention to the Americans, The Evans Corporation makes a secret deal with China to provide them with their own SCVs. However, unbeknown to Evans, General Leang ordered her engineers to reverse-engineer Evans' invention so that they can create their own version to better fit PLA's "performance requirements". China's SCV design is more durable and robust than it's American counterpart, and moves on the water with the help of inflatable pontoons stored just above its treads and propellers that drop down from a compartment at the back. With this vehicle, China hopes to keep up with the American's naval expansion.

Chinese Shipyard

After acquiring the working SCV and studying its technology, China began designing their new "floating docks" for their submarines and ships with the purpose of repairing, refitting or even assembling them almost from scratch on the open sea. They are capable of producing most of a ship's parts using their internal forge, leaving only the most complicated parts to be delivered from the surface. Now that the SCV has been unveiled and put into service, China has a new opportunity to even the odds with the US Navy in securing the coasts around their homeland.

And it seems the time of the year again: Mod of the Year 2013 is enrolling now. Feel free to help us to the Top 100 this year.

Well, until the next update then, which will hopefully be sooner than later.

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