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While working on trying to get our first the Mod release out, changes have been applied as we continue to improve the quality and stability of the Mod and the concepts for it.

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Hi folks.

Taxikiller here again with an update on the release. As you already know we have set the release of 5 November on TBD we did this because we are going to release a new version, instead of a GDI multiplayer and 2 Demo missions we are going to release a GDI Skirmish version only.

In this version you will have all the GDI Buildings and units from Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, we also have a new member to the team and that is Ruby92 on request Ruby made new Titan model and we are working on it to animate and skin the model, we also have update the unit textures of the current models we have for the GDI.

Here's the list of the unit that you would be command and conquer the battlefield.

1. GDI Titan
The Titan Assault Walker isn't as fast as the GDI Wolverine, but it can take more punishment and it can deliver a heavier payload. This is thanks to its solid design, heavy armor, and strong fire power

2. GDI Wolverine
The Wolverine is another battle walker, this one is a faster with lighter armor. This unit works well as a scout, as well as an anti-infantry counter to the foot soldiers of Nod using its two miniguns.

3. GDI Hover MLRS
This puppy fills a much needed deficiency in the GDI's line-up, which is vulnerability vs. aircraft. The Hover Multiple Launch Rocket System are a fast ground based medium armored anti-air hovercraft that can destroy air forces pretty easily but tanks are still a problem to them so keep them protected from ground troops.

4. GDI Amphibious APC
A heavily armored GDI unit that can carry up to five infantry units over land and sea. Infantry rely heavily on Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to move safely through hostile terrain.

4. GDI/NOD Harverster
Critical to the financial success of both sides, this is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. They automatically collect Tiberium if a field is nearby.

Next update will contain some NOD info and some units from Firestorm.

See you next time Taxikiller signing out.<!--Session data-->


Hmmm ALL the GDI buildings , that made me wonder:"How are you going to make the firestormwall?" Because if you make it buildeble like the walls in TD redux you would have to place them 1 by 1 that would take up so much time it would hardly be worth the effort.

Other then that Great work looking forward to the release.

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I'm sure TD redux's was just made to emulate the original. From what I've seen of later SAGE engine builds (C&C 3) it's able to use the TS method.

This mod makes me wish I could still run Generals, but I always get issues with starting it up after the first run.

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Well this is for Generals *points at the lable under the mods name*

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OH NOEZ! Taxikiller has the session data flu! D:

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Why is that happening? I may need to ask INtense about this! Its really getting to be annoying. :(

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You know, since the original TS come out, i dreamed about something like this. I think, that all fans of TS will play and enjoy this mod. By the way, is this gonna be standalone project with it's own installation, or i'll need Generals to make it work?

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MrTimm Author

I'm still in discussion with EALA to get TSRX stand-alone

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