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Tiberian Sun Redux update #17 give's you more information about version 0,75 want to know more please continue reading.

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So with version 0,5 released with allot of old content that I had to change but didn't because I forgot it I hope with the release details of version 0,75 I can make it up with you guys.So what is going to be included in version 0,75.

GDI Buildings

- GDI Starport.
- GDI Upgrade Center.
- GDI Techcenter.
- GDI RPG Componet tower upgrade.
- GDI EMP Cannon.
- GDI Mobile Warfactory.

GDI vehicles

- GDI Disrupter.
- GDI limpet Drone.
- GDI Orca Bomber.
- GDI Orca Carry-all.
- GDI Mobile Sensor Array.
- GDI Mobile EMP.
- GDI Mobile Warfactory.

GDI Infantry
- GDI Jumpjet Trooper.
- GDI Ghoststalker.
- GDI New Infantry Models.
- GDI Medic.

GDI Support Power

- GDI Droppod Support Power.
- GDI Dropship Support Power.

NOD Buildings

- Nod Techcenter.
- Nod Temple of Nod.
- Nod EMP Cannon.
-Nod Mobile Warfactory

Nod Vehicles

- Nod Cyborg reaper.
- Nod Fist of Nod.
- Nod Banshee.
- Nod Mobile Sensor Array.
- Nod Limpet Drone.

Nod Infantry.

- Nod Cyborg.
- Nod Cyborg Commando.
-Nod Mutant Hijacker.

Nod Support Power

- Nod Chemical Missile.
- Nod Subterrain Reinforcement.

General changes.
- Buildings, Units, tree's 50% smaller.
-- Small size map going to be Medium size map.
-- Medium size map going to be huge map.
-- Huge map going to be extreme huge map.
- New Tiberium Life form.
- Some Retextured units.
- New map environments.
- Original maps modified to Tiberian Sun era style.
- New maps added.
- Old and new maps with and without firestorm.
- All units and buildings have night models.
- All units and buildings have snow models.
- More orignal Tiberian sun neutral buildings.
- Red Tiberium (not harverstable extremely explosive).
- Tiberium algae.
- Tiberium Plants/Flora.
- Old GDI and Nod Faction from Tiberian Dawn (Only accesable with random crates).
- Advanced AI (Medium, Hard, Brutal)

Yes that's a big list and that also means that it will get a working installer and also a no installer release instead of a patch since it is going to be a new release instead of a patch on version 0.5

So I hope you guys get exited about the update 0.75 is going to bring to you and I'll see you on the battlefield.


Sounds great! Worth waiting for

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now THATS what i want! let see how it will came out :D

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im wondering hot the 50% smaller units will work, but im looking foward to it :)

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This is perfect news. Thank you for the relay

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