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Which one do you prefer? Cats? Dogs? Both or neither?

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Hello there!
Welcome to the heaven (or maybe the hell if you don't like them) full of cat ears!

TA 2

Tiberian Aurora is an OpenRA third-party mod, inspired by the classic Tiberian Dawn. You can command either Global Doggie Initiative (GDI) or Sisterhood of Nod (Nod) and conquer the whole world!


New Features
Thanks to the OpenRA engine, there are lots of new features which are not available in the origin game. For example, artilleries have to "prepare" before firing; staionary units have larger vision than moving ones; special infantries squads can be recruited and delivered by transport copters; front armor is available for most vehicles to reduce the incoming damage from the front.

repair showcasepowerdown showcase

New Visual Effects
Almost all visual assets, like units, buildings and tiles, in TA are made by EoralMilk, the leader and producer of this mod. There are also some units and buildings' models being completely changed, like Light Tank, Stealth Tank and Temple of Nod. Of course, to fit the theme of cats and dogs, a few of units have been renamed.
As the core element of TA, all infantries have been replaced into cat girls (and there will be doggies in the future).
And we wish you enjoy the new effect of all the flames, explosions, fireworks, ion cannons and nuclear bombs! Or you can just watch the shadows of the clouds and take a relax with several catgirl infantries surrounding.

Nod all groundarmyta1

Game Play
TA is now single-queued just like OpenRA-RA but without naval play.
To win a battle, it's necessary to combine infantries, tanks and aircrafts together. Infantries are easy to mass but also easy to wipe out. Tanks have much more hit-points and powerful fronter armor to soak incoming damage but most of them are not so strong against infantry blobs or aircrafts. Although artilleries have to "prepare" before launching attacks, they still perform pretty well when sitting in a safe place. Aircrafts are able to ignore the obstacles on the ground and rearm themselves in the air but their purpose has been limited and really vulnerable to all anti-air weapons.
As TA is far from finished, the balance is somehow imbalanced. Anyway, there will be more updates about balance before TA released.
And there will be a brand new storyline which is totally different from Tiberian Dawn. Also new sub-factions are on the road.
You can definitely trust the strength of our AI opponent though it has been named as Catgirl Dummy.

Moddb, Source Code & Repo
The moddb page here will just be a teleport station for players to get our Github or Gitee repo.
Playtest and Release (in future) can be download on both Github and Gitee.
Due to some reason, the source codes on Github hasn't been merged yet. If you need to check or download the latest source code, please visit our Gitee repo.
Github Repo:
Gitee Repo:

TA 1

So what's your pick? Doggies with Mammoth Tanks or Kittens with Stealth Tanks? Or why not both?

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